Katie and I are having a musical listening tea party. Put on your best frock, your spiffiest waistcoat. Polish your shoes and or your nails.

All the songs are about things to eat/drink/use/do at a tea party. Woot.

If you go here ( you can listen along with us. Obviously, I am not very good at internety things, so it may be held together with technological sticky-tape…

Tracklisting is thus:

1. Soda Pop- Britney Spears

2. Sugar Pie- Har Mar Superstar

3. Choco Fight- Deerhoof

4. China Girl- David Bowie

5. Cheeseburger- Gang of Four

6. Don’t Mug Yourself- The Streets

7. Cream- Prince

8. Brown Sugar- The Rolling Stones

9. Pot Kettle Black- Wilco

10. My Brownish Sugar Plum- Blind Boy Fuller.

The usual promises apply- if it’s your track/soul that I’m linking to, and you don’t like me doing it, tell me soonsome and I’ll make it disappear.

man i hate your band

March 20, 2008


interesting to see if tripod’s horrible horrible security can get through this one without cracking a smile.



Tiki Ay Oh, Tiki Ay Oh

March 15, 2008


Clare Doherty, bringing a delicious combo of textures, patterns, and colours to the chilly streets of Amsterdam.


Behold Hannah. She’s currently trying to expand her colour palate to include yellow. She’s doing very well, I feel.


This is Muireann. She is the most crunk person I know. And a bloody good dresser. Check out the adidas muscle vest.

Apologies for the dire picture quality- good photo-taking is the lovely Katie-Lilga’s schtick.







Jacket – Topshop
Skirt – Warehouse
Bag – Topshop
Shoes – Irregular Choice
Necklace – Mr. T by Enfant Terrible






Jacket – vintage from Edinburgh
Jeans – Topman
Shoes – Customised

[Tongue and Cheek. Fortnightly at Chemistry]




I’m currently in Amsterdam. Not very impressed with the general clothing here. It’s 90’s chic, sans any irony. Alas. I did spot some amazing leggings though,  of which I’ll put up the photo when I return.

That said, on my tram today was an old lady, with Nicole Richie sunglasses, a massive fur coat, and a dog on her lap. Sitting directly in front of her was another old lady, with purple (full on purple, none of this mauve malarky) hair, and another fur coat.

Maybe you only start to dress well once you get your pension book in this city?

But I Did What I Could

March 12, 2008


Care to play a game?

 My choice?

You’re too kind.

 Una Says.

Una says help Ham Sandwich get Keepsake on the BBC6 Music playlist.

Go here and scroll down to the bottom, click and send.

 You’re really good at this.