I Turn My Camera On

March 11, 2008

I’m convinced that my incessant curiosity is the one thing that has the potential to keep me entirely sane or drive me utterly insane. It isn’t a case of curiosity possibly killing the cat, the dog would be closer to the truth. I’m not the solitary type. If I’m not surrounded by people I know, I like to be in a position where I can watch strangers passing by and interacting with eachother. It feeds an imagination that in truth could probably do with some starving as I have yet to find an outlet for the stories and lives I dream up. I’m working on it. On those days where I feel I’m losing my mind I know that a stroll down Grafton Street, through Temple Bar and a dip in and out of the Capel Street charity shops are all I need. However on days when I’m too lazy to leave the house (today, pour example!) I sometimes resort to sifting through the internet for photos, inspiration, blogs, whatever else comes my way…

Look at Me, a Collection of Found Photos

flickr group, Found Photographs

Lindsay Robertson’s Found Photos

I guess these photos I’ve come across and the people I see inspire me in terms of fashion and what i choose to wear but that’s really as far as it goes at the moment. However I came across the artist Matt Borruso who, as far as I’m aware, has used found school portraits to create the type of portraits that I wish to cover every surface in sight with.

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 What sends your imagination into overdrive?



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  1. selina said

    those matt borruso images are unbelievable!

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