April 29, 2008

Shaznay Lewis (ex-All Saints) guests on the newest Wide Boys Track. I’m incredibly disappointed. I was expecting something like this:

 and instead, she cranks out some bog-standard garage. It’s as if garage hasn’t moved on since the late-90’s, early 2000’s- in fact, since All Saints last had a song in the Top Ten. Here’s the question for today, so: Is garage even around anymore? Has it been eclipsed by grime? Or is there something that I’m missing out on?

Below is Daddy O (Wide Boys feat Shaznay Lewis). It’s commercially released on the 5th of May (I thiiiiink). Discuss.




i know a place we can go

April 28, 2008

This morning I received one of most exciting little packages in the post from My Vintage Charms. This is my new favourite website by far. I had the intention of selling the charms at the market but I ordered them way too late (although delivery was actually very quick). All of the heart charms will be sold on chains in pairs (the silver one reads ‘he who holds the key can unlock my heart’ and the others are ‘best friends’ and ‘i love you’ pendants). I love the random mix of holiday slides from the 60s and 70s that show two British couples on their travels around Europe, they’ll make fab necklaces or brooches. The site has tonnes of stock (new items being added next week) in copper, brass, lucite, glass and plastic for jewellery making and craft projects with really reasonable shipping costs and reduced prices on a lot of items if you buy in bulk.


The Curved Street Cafe Market was brilliant on Saturday. The cafe has such a nice, relaxed atmosphere and the food is great. The stalls were a really interesting mix of vintage, new and handmade clothes, accessories and art. You could tell everyone was very passionate about what they were doing and really put their own personality into making and displaying the pieces they were selling. I sold a hell of a lot more than I expected; a sailor jacket from paris, a pattern, two pairs of earrings, two skirts and a wallet, all vintage. My dream of about five years was realised in those four hours, it sounds lame but it’s true! I stupidly didn’t take many photos but here’s a few anyway…

Below, you can see the Jelly Tots that Ailbhe brought for me. Therefore Ailbhe can be described as a god. You can also see one of the nicest cupcakes i’ve ever eaten. Piles of icing. You can also get incroyable homemade lemonade at the cafe. And amazing sandwiches. Have i convinced you yet? go. go go go.

In the background of the photos below are the handmade skirts that another stallholder, Niamh, was selling, they’re beautiful and each one is totally unique. she was also selling a suitcase full of books for 50 cent each!


I did a photoshoot with the lovely Aine Lahert ( a little while ago, and here are the results.

I’m wearing: J’adore Paris t-shirt (Paris), Velour Playsuit (Penneys), Socks (American Apparel), Shoes (eBay), Cardigan (Oxfam).

Layla’s wearing: Figure Skater Dress (American Apparel), Adidas Hoodie (eBay), High-Tops (Nike).

You see the small children? The boy stole my handbag. No joke. I had to kick off my heels and peg it after him. We left swiftly after that…

xxx ailbhe

By the by, all photos copyright Aine Lahert 2008 etc etc etc.

didn’t have time to take mucho good photos of the stuff i’m gonna be a-pushing tomorrow at the Curved Street Cafe Market but this gives you an idea anyways. it’s a mix of vintage, handmade and customised goodies. i’ve bags, hats, scarves and other things that aren’t pictured too. i’m excited to see what other people will be selling, i will probably spend whatever i take in.

so yeah. Curved Street Cafe, opposite The Button Factory, 1pm to 5pm.




Plus post and packaging.

Plus 2 months waiting because of mysterious delays.

BUT my very own customized Nike Blazers have arrived.

I’ve never been happier.


sunshine on a rainy day

April 24, 2008

raaaaaaaainy saturday.

temple bar. easy to find. TEA. no excuses.


wanted to get a few more things for the market this saturday. got some beautiful shoes, a bag and lace trimming for the skirts i’m working on. and yessir yessir three bags full of things for myself. the oxfam (charity/thrift store for the international among you) on george’s street was rejigged and restocked last week and i think it’s time i stopped my incessant moaning regarding their vintage section. there’s a bigger range of stock now and a lot of the pieces are far more unique than those that can be found in nearby vintage shops. more along the lines of a mishmash costume cupboard than your usual rails full of polyester sundresses and 80’s puffballs (both of which i own, don’t get me wrong). so yeah, get on down. i picked up a particularly fugly playsuit and a blouse with a lace collar. i also bought a pretty pink vase. the stamp on the bottom that read ‘petit paris’ sent my heart racing. i sense that my minor obsession isn’t so minor any more.

other personal obsessions recently include reliving my rebellious youth which was made up entirely of baking cupcakes and making friendship bracelets. mixing pouring knotting. oh joy oh joy. oh joy.

hope you’re all enjoying learning your ABCs courtesy of ms. ailbhe. hit us up with some mixtape ideas children.


Uh, Huh Hair.

April 21, 2008

Gosh. A birrova riot in the comments section re: hairdressers.

In Town: The Room  in Temple Bar (01/ 6798979) is very good, though it tends to err on the wrong side of edgy. You want the man to do your hair. I don’t know his name.

In the ‘Burbs (Blackrock actually): Jenny B’s (01/2889520). I’ve gotten my hair done here since my confirmation. They’ve yet to get it wrong. Ask for Jade.

In Town (though very expensive): Brown Sugar  on South William St.  (01/ 6169967)

Of course, if you wanna chance it, you could try a student cut/colour class at Robert Chambers, Toni and Guy (dooooooddddgeeeeeeeeeyy) or the House of Colour.


xx ailbhe


April 20, 2008

Hells Yeah. It’s another slammin’ mixtape!

It’s about learnin’- you know readin’ writin’  ‘rithmatic and important items like that.

School’s cool compadres.


C-H-I-C-K-E-N Spells Chicken- McGee Bros.

Twentytwofourteen- The Album Leaf

#1- Animal Collective

23- Blonde Redhead

Parallel or Together?- Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

An Open Letter to NYC- Beastie Boys

This Is How You Spell ‘Hahaha….’- Los Campesinos

Parentheses- Blow

A Case of Getting From B to C- Urlaub in Polen

Mathletics- Foals


As ever- if you don’t want your song up here, say the word. I live in fear of offending people.

Any ideas for future mixtapes? Lemme know.

xxx ailbhe