stars are blind

April 6, 2008

let the paris love fest begin…

pictures speak louder than words but all the same…

paris is fantastic. it’s the people, it’s the little details and it’s the rip off coffee in the dimly lit brasseries. it’s carousels and tasty pastries with cheap wine. it’s the free tour of montmartre. it’s space invaders by sacre coeur. it’s les galeries lafayette and it’s the little shop in the gigantic market where the trusting woman opens the glass cabinets and turns her back as you try on her precious vintage jewellery that you can’t possibly afford. and it’s all for about fifty euro return and twenty five euro per night. what i wouldn’t do for a weekly visit…

St. Christopher’s Inns
Space Invaders
New Paris Tours




(i think i’m going to start using my flickr again. so if you like, direct feedback/advice/rotten eggs over herrre…)




7 Responses to “stars are blind”

  1. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Jealous much! The last time I was in Paris, I missed my flight there. And I’d booked the wrong night in the hostel. Unintelligent of me, I know. I did however go on that carousel. Magic. x ailbhe

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I am ridiculously envious of your right now.

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    thank you, i always love your photos so it means a lot.

    ailbhe i plan to visit paris a lot, and bring everyone i know. so i’ll see you there right?!

  4. j said

    cool photos!

  5. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    thank you!

  6. […] the stamp on the bottom that read ‘petit paris’ sent my heart racing. i sense that my minor obsession isn’t so minor any more. other personal obsessions recently include reliving my […]

  7. tongue! said

    katie liga……luv da last paris foto……….its got a very “I DONT WONT 2” vibe from da kid!

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