i saw three angles

April 14, 2008

it’s another love fest. all warm and fuzzy.
readers of this blog, intelligent as you all are, will be aware that a heart is nothing but a triangle with a few bits lovingly chipped off.

hence triangles are LOVE.

so if the three angles of one triangle have degree-measures equal to the degree-measures of the angles of a second triangle, then the length of the corresponding sides of the two triangles are proportional. if both of these triangles are LOVE then the following list of things are also LOVE:

1. origami dinosaurs

2. sandwiches cut into triangles, preferably four.

3. camembert cheese.

4. sesame street

5. facehunter.

it’s true you know

A squared plus B squared equals the world needs more triangles squared.



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  1. lady nasty said

    Really love your surrealistic blog !!

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