Like a folk singer’s song I’m moving on

April 19, 2008

maybe it’s the change of season or perhaps it’s just that my hair is a mess of split ends and matted curls but it’s time for a change. what i have in mind in terms of colour is quite specific, i haven’t found the exact colour anywhere but it’s along the lines of vivienne westwood, wilma flinstone, and the vargas pinup girl pictured below. i can’t wait to clash it up with red lipstick and an electric blue hat.

i’d much rather be a boy though. a boy that could rock a quiff.

now to end this selfish post on a selfish note, can anyone recommend a good…no…GREAT…hairdresser or colourist in dublin??
backstage at vivienne westwood. menswear. FW08.



5 Responses to “Like a folk singer’s song I’m moving on”

  1. I love the colour you have in mind, I’ve always wannted to be a strawberry-blonde!

  2. Arsheen said

    ah to find a good hairdresser in dublin! if you find one lemme know! good idea about the hair colour though!

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    ha ha will do, it’s a chore alright but i WILL find one!

  4. Sounds like you need this thread from

    I go to Halo next to the Market Bar and they always see me right!

  5. […] i took Ailbhe’s advice on my hair troubles and booked myself in for a cut and colour in Brown Sugar on South William Street. perfection. they […]

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