having you around, sweet charity

April 22, 2008

wanted to get a few more things for the market this saturday. got some beautiful shoes, a bag and lace trimming for the skirts i’m working on. and yessir yessir three bags full of things for myself. the oxfam (charity/thrift store for the international among you) on george’s street was rejigged and restocked last week and i think it’s time i stopped my incessant moaning regarding their vintage section. there’s a bigger range of stock now and a lot of the pieces are far more unique than those that can be found in nearby vintage shops. more along the lines of a mishmash costume cupboard than your usual rails full of polyester sundresses and 80’s puffballs (both of which i own, don’t get me wrong). so yeah, get on down. i picked up a particularly fugly playsuit and a blouse with a lace collar. i also bought a pretty pink vase. the stamp on the bottom that read ‘petit paris’ sent my heart racing. i sense that my minor obsession isn’t so minor any more.

other personal obsessions recently include reliving my rebellious youth which was made up entirely of baking cupcakes and making friendship bracelets. mixing pouring knotting. oh joy oh joy. oh joy.

hope you’re all enjoying learning your ABCs courtesy of ms. ailbhe. hit us up with some mixtape ideas children.



5 Responses to “having you around, sweet charity”

  1. Oh those cupcakes are yummy! I used to love making cupcakes all the time when I was younger, and the boxes the ingredients came in used to have those papery type things to put on top of the cupcakes once they were done, do you know what I’m taking about? haha! I loved those the most, I wanted to buy the cake mix boxes just to eat them.

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    oh gosh yes! what was about those papery things that made it so satisfying to eat them?!

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I loved eating the ones that had pictures of things that you wouldn’t normally at- like cars or something. Or or or or or or those silver balls. Delciousness. x ailbhe

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    yeah but then it seemed like the wisest of wise ideas to eat handfuls of those silver balls out of the packet. not wise.

  5. Im very hungry for cupcakes now, your ones are so fun looking!

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