here we go, can i play? can i watch?

April 25, 2008

didn’t have time to take mucho good photos of the stuff i’m gonna be a-pushing tomorrow at the Curved Street Cafe Market but this gives you an idea anyways. it’s a mix of vintage, handmade and customised goodies. i’ve bags, hats, scarves and other things that aren’t pictured too. i’m excited to see what other people will be selling, i will probably spend whatever i take in.

so yeah. Curved Street Cafe, opposite The Button Factory, 1pm to 5pm.



4 Responses to “here we go, can i play? can i watch?”

  1. Zoe said

    Oh! I shall miss it 😦 Woe. But last Saturday of every month… it shall be noted for future reference.
    Lovely floral skirts.

  2. All of this stuff is beautiful!

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    thanks 🙂 it went very well altogether!

  4. Heff said

    beautiful clothes, so Paris. il be there next month.

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