She’s a Model, And She’s Looking Good

April 27, 2008

I did a photoshoot with the lovely Aine Lahert ( a little while ago, and here are the results.

I’m wearing: J’adore Paris t-shirt (Paris), Velour Playsuit (Penneys), Socks (American Apparel), Shoes (eBay), Cardigan (Oxfam).

Layla’s wearing: Figure Skater Dress (American Apparel), Adidas Hoodie (eBay), High-Tops (Nike).

You see the small children? The boy stole my handbag. No joke. I had to kick off my heels and peg it after him. We left swiftly after that…

xxx ailbhe

By the by, all photos copyright Aine Lahert 2008 etc etc etc.


5 Responses to “She’s a Model, And She’s Looking Good”

  1. These pictures are gorgeous. The lighting, styling, and model are all perfection.

  2. Zoe said

    lovely! love the colouring on these!
    thankfully you got your bag back 🙂

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Ah gee guys. I’ll pass on your lovely comments. Yeah, the kid soon realised that I was taller than him (though, without heels, only just), so he let up. Then he started lifting up Layla’s skirt. Kids grown up so fast around the city centre… x a

  4. annmarie said

    what fab photos!!!

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