we’re after the same rainbows

April 28, 2008

The Curved Street Cafe Market was brilliant on Saturday. The cafe has such a nice, relaxed atmosphere and the food is great. The stalls were a really interesting mix of vintage, new and handmade clothes, accessories and art. You could tell everyone was very passionate about what they were doing and really put their own personality into making and displaying the pieces they were selling. I sold a hell of a lot more than I expected; a sailor jacket from paris, a pattern, two pairs of earrings, two skirts and a wallet, all vintage. My dream of about five years was realised in those four hours, it sounds lame but it’s true! I stupidly didn’t take many photos but here’s a few anyway…

Below, you can see the Jelly Tots that Ailbhe brought for me. Therefore Ailbhe can be described as a god. You can also see one of the nicest cupcakes i’ve ever eaten. Piles of icing. You can also get incroyable homemade lemonade at the cafe. And amazing sandwiches. Have i convinced you yet? go. go go go.

In the background of the photos below are the handmade skirts that another stallholder, Niamh, was selling, they’re beautiful and each one is totally unique. she was also selling a suitcase full of books for 50 cent each!



5 Responses to “we’re after the same rainbows”

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  2. annmarie said

    i was here last weekend and i regret not buying a lush gold quilted purse. love that place!

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    ah yes i know the very one you’re talking about, she’ll be there the next month too so you may be in luck!

  4. […] be easily altered. i will probably invest in a few more for this months (eh… <plug> ) Curved Street Cafe Market on the 26th July (and… </plug> ). speaking of which, another package forced through my […]

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