yes, things will get phenomenally better on september 26th when Choke comes out to play in selected picture houses. the majority of Chuck Palahniuk’s novels are being, or have been, considered for movie adaptations, and obviously Fight Club’s been done and dusted, but it’s very exciting to have this made entirely official. the trailer? here ye are now.

Sam Rockwell plays sex addict and colonial theme park worker Victor Mancini who fakes choking in expensive restaurants in order to win the sympathy of his rich ‘saviours’ who’s cheques pay for the care of his elderly mother. it’s not my favourite Palahniuk (toss up between Diary and Haunted in case you were wondering) but i cannae wait. if the trailer is anything to go by, the soundtrack is also promising. bit of clap your hands say yeah. ah yeah. bring it on, bring it very on.

choke at imdb
chuck on set
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Look at the zippy eyewear on this chap! I’m terribly impressed. He even rocked a facehunter pose while I took his photo. Marks and Spencers Mary Street: Home to Hipster Employees. Who’d have thought it?

x ailbhe

i haven’t had much need for a swimsuit since i was about twelve. i’m not a big fan of swimming and i’m pretty sure that it can be put down to the fact that throughout primary school we would visit the pool by our school once a month and proceed to wade our way through plasters, insects, and many other unidentified objects. ew? ew. however, this summer, L.A. calls and as a result i have been scouring the shops and the internet for the perfect swimsuit. one quick google into my search i was already drooling over the collection at Pin Up Girl Clothing. The Bettie Swimsuit in red and white polka dot is my personal favourite. Prices are $55-$72/€34-€45.

Esther Williams, filmstar of the 40s and 50s and member of the 1940 Olympic Swimming Team, now lends her name to a range of vintage inspired swimwear. There are a wide range of fabrics and styles on the website. prices are around the $79/€50 mark.


the main problem with vintage or vintage inspired swimwear is that the sizing tends to cater to the hourglass silhouette possessed by the likes of esther williams herself, and it’s risky ordering something on the internet if you’re unsure of the sizing. that’s where ebay (ebay USA, YOU ESS AY, not .ie or, i must stress) comes in, with a wide range of vintage swimwear brands, some even homemade, the sizes vary a lot and good sellers will give precise measurements. some of the following items are listed as being unworn, however if you are unlike me in that you’re grossed out by the thought of used clothing or swimwear you might as well stop reading now-ish.





and one for the guys.


of course i’ve been really selfish and not linked to the ones i want. bidding wars are not my forte.
happy swimming, katie-lilga

Suggested by Tom today’s theme is ROADTRIP.

Seatbelts on? Helmets fastened? Applewagons hitched? Right-oh, off we go.

1. 180 G’s – Car Bomb 

2. Interpol- Stella Was A Driver And She Was Always Down

3. Be Your Own Pet- Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle

4. Crystal Castles- Air War

5. Outkast- Rosa Parks

6. Modest Mouse- Convenient Parking

7. The Bees- Go Karts

8. The Boy Least Likely To- I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star

9. Le Loup- Outside of This Car, The End of The World!

10. Psapp- Tricycle

Mixtape can be found here.

I would post the usual caveat about fearing record label reprecussions, but today, I’m gonna play it fast and loose. It’s not as if I have anything of worth that they can get off me. Except my bicycle…

my half-assed campaign in support of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s eurovison entry starts here. Elvir Laković Laka is fantastic, but most importantly, he is not, in fact, a turkey. with songs with names that translate to things like ‘i’m a little bit disappointed’ and ‘you’ve peed yourself’ and an album entitled simply ‘rabbit’, he is fast becoming (in the twenty minutes since i first heard of him) my favourite person in the whole entire world. yes.

i know nothing about the reliability of my source but i’m gonna go out on a limb and say, here ye are now, the english translation of a portion of his eurovision entry, ‘Pokušaj’/’Try’…

(Don’t come down from the balcony)
(Laka the singer told me)
(Don’t make noise with your sandals)
(Don’t pretend to be a lady)

(Don’t come down from the balcony)
(Laka told me personally)
(Don’t come down from the balcony)
(Until your love is strong)

I tricked both fauna and flora
With my favorite prank
That life did not begin in the sea
But of love
Love, love
Of love

How many days did we spend
Lying down, eating bananas
And then we fell onto the lower branches
Without love
Love, love
Without love

I’ll try to kiss you and you can act foolish
I’ll try to kiss you and you can act foolish
I’ll try to wake you up and you can pretend you’re awake


Chanel Blue Satin is my nail varnish of choice at the moment. like black, this dark navy blue is great for summer as a contrast to light, bright colours and fun floral patterns (Selina’s d.i.y. Rodarte shoes contrasted with her white tights spring to mind), but unlike black it shimmers beautifully in the sun. it’s unfortunate then, that ireland reached it’s yearly quota for sunshine last week sometime, har har. the price reflects the quality as it is high in pigment so it only requires one coat although i have yet to master the art of maintaining a varnish job for more than one hour. having said all that, The Vintage Society has me craving a nail polish colour from the other end of the spectrum, sherbet! mainly because it conjures up images of dip dabs and those little plastic fruits filled with fizzy sugary goodness. speaking of which, i believe it is of utmost importance that you all visit The Penny Sweet Shop.


i don’t have a gaff but if i had a gaff i would get that gaff and put The Minutes in it. in the gaff like.

if you have a gaff please get your gaff and put The Minutes in it.

the lowdown can be found here, right here, or on any good myspace bulletin section.

would you like a listen? yes please.



On the 12th of June, the above lovely lady and the ever fantastic El Perro Del Mar will be playing in the Sugar Club. Best hop on it.

Also, a mixtape will be forthcoming when I’ve finished being smart and emptying my brain onto paper. We’re taking suggestions for themes as of now.



Big thumbs up to Miss Lilga for her big big news. (See the last post).

If you’d like to see how I spent my last night of fun before my finals begin, go to the anablog.

xxx a

oh balls


i’ve just been accepted into photography in DIT.

so of course i’m over the moon but darnit, i had it all planned out, i was going to NCAD next year and it was going to be entirely fabulous. i started to rethink the photography thing the past few days but considering there wasn’t much photography in my portfolio and i’ve only been doing it for a year i never thought i’d have to make a decision like this. i really hadn’t even bothered researching photography courses all that much but i know lots about ncad and although i was quite apprehensive (read: petrified) about going, i love that i wouldn’t be tied down to one area and could try out lots of different things plus i know a lot of people there and i…just like it is all. sheez.

so if you’re doing or have done photography in DIT, eh…what’s it like?! i’d literally be going in with one year self-taught experience and i always assumed other people would be at a far more advanced stage, rumour or trumour? what are the tutours/tuition like? is it largely self-motivated? and hows about the social life? any good? question mark indeed.

please help. aint you never heard of karma? damn straight.

(speaking of which, you can pick up your official karma violation ticket book at Good Karma Factory doncha know)