the world was a mess but his hair was perfect (obv)

May 14, 2008

photo of that corner on south great georges street aka dublin’s very own times square from here

so i took Ailbhe’s advice on my hair troubles and booked myself in for a cut and colour in Brown Sugar on South William Street. perfection. they seem extremely professional and skilled and i will definitely be returning (sooner rather than later actually because, as i was warned, the colour has washed out of my curly hair pretty fast). i’d recommend them to anyone who’s also taken to hacking at their own hair because they’re sick of getting the same old haircut that they never asked for in the first place from certain salons that they keep going back to since they were twelve years old for some unknown reason but who’s names i wont mention here even though i moan about them to everyone else. and breathe.



3 Responses to “the world was a mess but his hair was perfect (obv)”

  1. Aine-Rosie said

    yuhhhh… toni and guy will never ever be getting 60 feckin euro for a jennifer aniston cut ever ever ever again.

  2. missmilki said

    I’ve always loved that sign! Great photos!

  3. I’ve strayed away from my local hairdressers a whole 4 times in my entire life and not because my local is brilliant, just because I’m pure lazy.

    I seriously have to get out of that habit.

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