great balls of fire (as performed by westlife. no joke.)

May 15, 2008

oh balls


i’ve just been accepted into photography in DIT.

so of course i’m over the moon but darnit, i had it all planned out, i was going to NCAD next year and it was going to be entirely fabulous. i started to rethink the photography thing the past few days but considering there wasn’t much photography in my portfolio and i’ve only been doing it for a year i never thought i’d have to make a decision like this. i really hadn’t even bothered researching photography courses all that much but i know lots about ncad and although i was quite apprehensive (read: petrified) about going, i love that i wouldn’t be tied down to one area and could try out lots of different things plus i know a lot of people there and i…just like it is all. sheez.

so if you’re doing or have done photography in DIT, eh…what’s it like?! i’d literally be going in with one year self-taught experience and i always assumed other people would be at a far more advanced stage, rumour or trumour? what are the tutours/tuition like? is it largely self-motivated? and hows about the social life? any good? question mark indeed.

please help. aint you never heard of karma? damn straight.

(speaking of which, you can pick up your official karma violation ticket book at Good Karma Factory doncha know)



5 Responses to “great balls of fire (as performed by westlife. no joke.)”

  1. Aine-Rosie said

    well done katie-lilga! im sorry i cant help you choose…. but wooooo!!

  2. unarocks said

    bravo. Miss Lili ( is a graduate, if you’re looking for the goss.

  3. […] show. textiles, fashion and media got me all excited and giddy. is this an indication of what my decision should be? there was only one visual communications student that did anything to excite me, not […]

  4. Rosie said

    the course in DIT is great and the tutors in particular are great, i’ve worked with them.

    but… if it was me and all and annyways i’d go to NCAD. no question.

    just because.

  5. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    yes that’s been most people’s reaction. although usually it involves a look of shock and the use of phrases such as ‘you mad spoon’, when they realise i would consider going anywhere BUT ncad after being accepted.

    anyways, in the past week i’ve decided to go for ncad, the degree shows made my mind up entirely!

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