wave euro hands and euro feet

May 20, 2008

my half-assed campaign in support of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s eurovison entry starts here. Elvir Laković Laka is fantastic, but most importantly, he is not, in fact, a turkey. with songs with names that translate to things like ‘i’m a little bit disappointed’ and ‘you’ve peed yourself’ and an album entitled simply ‘rabbit’, he is fast becoming (in the twenty minutes since i first heard of him) my favourite person in the whole entire world. yes.

i know nothing about the reliability of my source but i’m gonna go out on a limb and say, here ye are now, the english translation of a portion of his eurovision entry, ‘Pokušaj’/’Try’…

(Don’t come down from the balcony)
(Laka the singer told me)
(Don’t make noise with your sandals)
(Don’t pretend to be a lady)

(Don’t come down from the balcony)
(Laka told me personally)
(Don’t come down from the balcony)
(Until your love is strong)

I tricked both fauna and flora
With my favorite prank
That life did not begin in the sea
But of love
Love, love
Of love

How many days did we spend
Lying down, eating bananas
And then we fell onto the lower branches
Without love
Love, love
Without love

I’ll try to kiss you and you can act foolish
I’ll try to kiss you and you can act foolish
I’ll try to wake you up and you can pretend you’re awake



2 Responses to “wave euro hands and euro feet”

  1. unarocks said

    it’s SUCH a great song. Totally fell in love with it while watching the semis.

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    thanks una, i was beginning to think i was on my own with this one. fingers crossed he’s planning a tour!

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