things can only get better

May 30, 2008

yes, things will get phenomenally better on september 26th when Choke comes out to play in selected picture houses. the majority of Chuck Palahniuk’s novels are being, or have been, considered for movie adaptations, and obviously Fight Club’s been done and dusted, but it’s very exciting to have this made entirely official. the trailer? here ye are now.

Sam Rockwell plays sex addict and colonial theme park worker Victor Mancini who fakes choking in expensive restaurants in order to win the sympathy of his rich ‘saviours’ who’s cheques pay for the care of his elderly mother. it’s not my favourite Palahniuk (toss up between Diary and Haunted in case you were wondering) but i cannae wait. if the trailer is anything to go by, the soundtrack is also promising. bit of clap your hands say yeah. ah yeah. bring it on, bring it very on.

choke at imdb
chuck on set
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