did you know that this was coming to the dublin branch of topshop between the 17th and 22nd of june? no, no i did not. yeah so. i’m fine. wha’ev. leave me alone.

katie-lilga, over and out.


Last night my phone jumped into the toilet. just like that. no warning. in it jumped. what does one do with a depressed waterlogged phone? the beverage i ordered in the particular establishment where the event occured tasted suspiciously like toilet water so i figure if it’s good enough to drink i don’t need to treat my phone like a nuclear hazard or anything. but i do want it dry.

anyway i’ll come back to that laters.

i would like to introduce to you a new snazzy blog feature. in doing so i am going to do something that i’m not sure is the done thing or legal or whatnot and borrow a phrase from a daily read of mine, The Spanish Exposition (that girl can write. and you can read. hop to it.). yes my friends it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the bluebirds are so natural youtube tenpenny bag. (if you want your phrase unborrowed i promise to return it safely.) now i know the post in question didn’t exactly rave about them but i can’t help it, in my eyes, every tenpenny bag is a little dreamfilled bundle of joy to be treasured and appreciated. and this particular one is on sale. one hundred percent off. and to come back to my original dilemma, this months tenpenny bag is telephooone themed. enjoooy.

The Douchiest Phone Message In History

AutoErotica (children of the world, ears closed.)

Because This Game Should Never Be Forgotten

for those of you awaiting swops from me, apologies, i got all busy over the last few days, i’ll be in touch! and as for the rest of you, the shirts and rose print dress are still available, have a look-see


Sense and Sense-ibilty

June 28, 2008

Mixtape number 4. Holla.
Texture is the theme. Stroke velvet, run a ribbon through your fingers, dip your hand into some sugar, read Braille and stick out your hands while running through the woods.

1. Velvet Nightmare- Frank Black
2. Al Sharp- The Beta Band
3. Raw Sugar- Metric
4. Tissue Shoulders- The Maccabees
5. Gold Intro Straw- Brendan Benson
6. Castles Made of Sand- Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. Ashes to Ashes- David Bowie
8. A Ribbon- Devendra Banhardt
9. Braille- Regina Spektor
10. Be Still- The Woods

Go here and listen to it. Then buy it a drink, maybe dinner, and take it home with you.

Yes Yes Oh Yay

June 21, 2008

It’s the 3rd Saturday of the Month. That means Swop Shop time! We’ve got some lovely lovely treats in store for yiz all.

I’ve yet to get around to distributing the stuff from the last Swop Shop, but I assure you, it won’t be long. Also, the gold top is still knocking about. If you’d like it, holla.

The rules are simple:
We’ll put up some things that we’d like to swop. You comment, saying what you want and what you’re willing to swop for it. Everyone’s happy. Result.

This month we have:

1. White and Yellow Vintage Check and Horseshoe Shirt. Size S-M. still available.

2. Green and White Vintage Pussy-Bow Blouse. Size S. still available.

3. Prom Dress. Size M-L. on hold.

4. Black and Green Rose Print Tea Dress. Size M. still available.

5. Sweetheart Vintage Charms Necklace and Bracelet Set. swopped!

6. I Heart You Screw On Vintage Charm Earrings. on hold.

If you want any more photos, measurements or general details just comment and if we’re feeling particularly generous we might just provide you with such information.

ailbhe and katie-lilga

It is both Father’s Day and my Vati’s birthday today. So I made him this wonderful cake. Cakes are a key trend this summer, doncha know.

I was in Prague. Now I am not. But my time there was full of music and eating and looking and soft furnishings and Cubism. Did you know that the Czech Cubists were the only ones that applied Cubism to architecture? True story. Look! The only cubist lampost in the world:

I think when I’m grownupandhavemoremoneythanIknowwhattodowith, I will furnish my house with teapots solely surrounded by elephants:

I will also have taps made of golden swans, so I can brush my teeth in opulence:

When I’m not drinking elephant-gaurded tea, or decadently brushing my teeth, I’ll just go to the opera:

And all my Barbies will be dressed in mink, or Dior, and wear diamonds:

Gold Swan Taps Please
Cubism Please
Bling Barbies Please

ncad #3

June 13, 2008

sinead mcguinness

ruth chadwick

ncad #2

June 13, 2008

claire coffey

annabel breen (website)

ncad #1

June 13, 2008

grace mangan

kim gilbert

niamh o’neill, simone rocha (website)

niamh o’neill

‘if you’re not wearing lipstick i can’t talk to you’

a kiss with a fist

June 13, 2008

we’ve got a new look, see? do you like it? apologies if you find it a hideous eye sore.

so the ncad degree show. textiles, fashion and media got me all excited and giddy. is this an indication of what my decision should be? there was only one visual communications student that did anything to excite me, not that the rest wasn’t extremely impressive. i may have it totally wrong but it seems everything has to be geared towards a particular client and very professionally finished whereas in fashion, textiles and media all of the work seemed to be a real expression of the artist’s personality and individuality. i got a greater sense of fun and excitement from the final pieces. so thankfully one of my options is slowly but surely being ruled out. i took a few photos of some of my favourite works from across the exhibition in the digital hub and the design building. the rest i saw at the opening last friday and the crowds and heat prevented any happy snappy photo taking. so if you haven’t or wont make it, the next few posts are a small selection of my favourites.