one more look and I forget everything

June 4, 2008

today my dear friend alan picked up some tickets for us to go see those dancing days in andrews lane theatre on friday. it’s a long time since i’ve been this excited about a gig, i’m not quite talking 16 year old me nearly pissing myself with excitement at the site of brandon flowers from front row centre in the olympia (too graphic?? yer.), but excited all the same. i thought after so many listens to their small collection of songs i’d be pulling my hair out but i’m hooked…like…a fish…on a hook. don’t knock it till you try it. and on that note, here is a sample…

to conclude; listening to those dancing days > not listening to those dancing days.

happy dancing, katie-lilga


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  1. Gareth said

    Not sure there’s anything to them, bar incredible hotness.

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