and we’re not sure when or why the heavens burst open and showered us with happiness and maybe we really have nothing to be so happy about

June 8, 2008

summer is lovely. ELL OH VEE EE ELL WHY. friday started off in starbucks reading Oprah Winfrey quotes. (when she went to the oscars she had to roll out of her limo a block away because her dress was too tight. quality.*) headed to the NCAD graduate exhibition which featured a great print section and a severe lack of free wine. then wandered down to andrews lane theatre for Those Dancing Days. The Minutes supported which was a nice surprise. a lot of people there seemed to be in possession of a free ticket. i really do not get it. get yisser act together. everyone was happy and shiney. and of course the only thing to do to show our appreciation for such a fabulous display of musical talent and dancing was to introduce our new swedish friends to the absolute prime of dublin nightlife. dorans. Snoop Dogg. hmmm yehhh.

summer really is the best thing anyone ever invented. key trends?

getting very very very fat at The Cake Cafe (*expect to see me rolling out of many an automobile this coming autumn)

L.A., London, Paris, Stockholm, Ireland

selling my ass off. oh that came out all wrong. here.

friendship, music, fashion, photos, freedom. sounds pretty nice.

don’t get me wrong. working in a shopping centre in the recent pretty weather is anti-fun. if another person asks me for a pink croc in size 10-11 i’ll vomit. it’s not all good ship lollipopping.

what are your wondrous summer plans?



5 Responses to “and we’re not sure when or why the heavens burst open and showered us with happiness and maybe we really have nothing to be so happy about”

  1. missmilki said

    Ah summer…it makes us all so irrationally happy. 🙂 btw I’m loving your little plait, pinned across your head… its so summery.

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I’m having Prague summmer fun. I’m about to go to an outdoor swimming pool. V. excited. I’m even getting a suntan. xxx ailbhe

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    missmilki, it’s true, although this is the first summer i’m experienced it. lovely little unexplainable bursts of joy. 🙂

    OUTDOOR? impressive. the weather here is still nice ailbhe, uber unusual. but i forgot to wear sun cream yesterday and still didn’t get burnt so it can’t be that nice really. oh well.

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