a kiss with a fist

June 13, 2008

we’ve got a new look, see? do you like it? apologies if you find it a hideous eye sore.

so the ncad degree show. textiles, fashion and media got me all excited and giddy. is this an indication of what my decision should be? there was only one visual communications student that did anything to excite me, not that the rest wasn’t extremely impressive. i may have it totally wrong but it seems everything has to be geared towards a particular client and very professionally finished whereas in fashion, textiles and media all of the work seemed to be a real expression of the artist’s personality and individuality. i got a greater sense of fun and excitement from the final pieces. so thankfully one of my options is slowly but surely being ruled out. i took a few photos of some of my favourite works from across the exhibition in the digital hub and the design building. the rest i saw at the opening last friday and the crowds and heat prevented any happy snappy photo taking. so if you haven’t or wont make it, the next few posts are a small selection of my favourites.



2 Responses to “a kiss with a fist”

  1. annmarie said

    hello girls

    hope you’re well. i’m organising a fashion bloggers’ brunch for july and was wondering if you would be interested in coming along. just a bunch of us drinking one or three mimosas and talking shop. waddaya say? shout me back if you’re interested x

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    oh my that sounds delightful, certainly! we’ll get back to you pronto, ta!


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