Short Skirt and a Looooooooonnnnng Jacket

June 15, 2008

It is both Father’s Day and my Vati’s birthday today. So I made him this wonderful cake. Cakes are a key trend this summer, doncha know.


5 Responses to “Short Skirt and a Looooooooonnnnng Jacket”

  1. Naomi said

    That looks sooo incredibly delicious!! i wish i could bake..

  2. Kristen said

    That looks incredible! Can we get the recipe??

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    It’s just a normal sponge cake recipe- equal parts flour, sugar and fat (8 oz each) and 3 eggs. Then in the middle I put strawberry jam, whipped cream (with a bit of vanilla essence) and sliced strawberries. The top is the same whipped vanilla creama and more sliced strawberries. You too can bake! xx

  4. annmarie said

    ok first off….total yummy snaps on the cake. i just had breakfast and i could still make room for that beauty. very very delish!

    re the fashion bloggers’ brunch no probs on the dates. if you send me your email (which is what i should have asked in the first place…sorry) i will send an email out with potential dates to choose from. i am aiming for last saturday of the month as a regular fixture (i.e. payday) and we can go from there.

    talk soon 🙂

  5. […] and cheap and lovely to eat breakfast/dinner/cake in Cork city? We’re very fond of eating and cake. Hook us up […]

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