Strange Voices Are Saying Things I Can’t Understand

June 15, 2008

I was in Prague. Now I am not. But my time there was full of music and eating and looking and soft furnishings and Cubism. Did you know that the Czech Cubists were the only ones that applied Cubism to architecture? True story. Look! The only cubist lampost in the world:

I think when I’m grownupandhavemoremoneythanIknowwhattodowith, I will furnish my house with teapots solely surrounded by elephants:

I will also have taps made of golden swans, so I can brush my teeth in opulence:

When I’m not drinking elephant-gaurded tea, or decadently brushing my teeth, I’ll just go to the opera:

And all my Barbies will be dressed in mink, or Dior, and wear diamonds:

Gold Swan Taps Please
Cubism Please
Bling Barbies Please


3 Responses to “Strange Voices Are Saying Things I Can’t Understand”

  1. Stephanie said

    I seriously love all these pictures. Those Barbies are so stylish! Way better than those tacky Bratz. =P

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Man, I know. There were all kinds of Barbies there- including 80’s Haute Couture ones and Body Con barbies. I wanted to take them ALL home.

  3. Cait said

    Ha no way when I was in Prague for just the day i went to the Barbie Museum isn’t it wonderful!

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