Attic in the Basement

July 28, 2008

My Granny Keatley was clearing out her house, and in the process gave us a load of old photos of when her and Grandad Keatley were courting and marrying and being young and stuff. A fine woman, is Granny Keatley. She’s almost 90, yet still has an insatiable appetite for a daily mass, a bit of a snack, and a gossip about people she knows. She also likes to be kissed on both cheeks. ‘I’m French!’ she says. She’s not French. She just wants kisses. She does it to everyone. Even waiters in restaurants. Like I said, a fine woman.

Here she is as young Nora Kelly, to the right to the right in both photos, in 1930:

Then, she met Grandad- Paddy Keatley. On their first date, he took her and a pal to dinner. He left a mighty tip for the waitress, to impress Gran. Gran waited til his back was turned and took the tip herself. Smashing.

This is them on a date in Avoca in 1942:

This is them, on another date, in the same year:

Finally, at their wartime wedding:

She probably won’t read this. I don’t think she knows what a computer is. Nonetheless, Nora Keatley, a hats off to you.


edit: people have been asking for specific directions to the cafe. it’s no secret that i’m awful at directions and have sent many foreign students to the wrong places even in my own housing estate but i’ll give it a go. walking down dame street in the direction away from trinity, take the third right turn after central bank (are you on temple lane south? i hope so…) keep walking until you get to the first left turn (which should be onto curved street), the cafe and filmbase is in the corner building (it should be obvious by posters on the doors and such) right opposite the button factory. go up the first staircase and it brings you straight into the cafe market. don’t be shy, have a mooch!

i’m very excited about tomorrow’s Curved Street Cafe. i added a few more pieces to my stock. most notably, three vintage swimsuits (or playsuits if you’re grossed out), a dusky pink pair of mary jane shoes with a mid-heel, vintage charms and best friend necklaces, some gorgeous snakeskin bags, a pair of fishy braces, handmade lace and floral hairbows and a few other bits and pieces. below is a selection of my favourites, so feast your eyes on this…uh…feast…(click on the thumbnails to view larger images)

i’d also like to introduce you to another stallholder. have a drool over Anna’s gorgeous handmade jewellery (and cute bunnies)…

for those of you not in Dublin this weekend, you can get the above and more on Anna’s etsy. and yes yes she also has a blog here.

frantic organising of market related things call…


edit: just in case you need reminding, the curved street cafe serves the same food as the cake cafe behind the daintree paper shop. we’re talking homemade lemonade, cupcakes with piles of icing and incredibly delicious sandwiches. if you don’t come for the market, you’d be mad not to at least come for the food. yummy.

where da cheese at

July 25, 2008

oh hello, i was looking for you.

my Kodak Brownie adventure is ongoing. these are some of the results from my first test roll…

the rest can be found on my flickr.

dublin is my love love love. the best thing about the brownie is that i can take sneaky pictures of the interesting goings on in this city. it’s held down near the waist and it doesn’t occur to anyone that your snapping photos of them. don’t worry i’m not talking invasion of privacy here, i’m not about to photograph anyone’s alleged “sick nazi orgy”. alas i am leaving this city come monday for a three week stint in california. the brownie will trot along with me, however, it will have to compete with three other cameras for my attention.

Video Tutorial
Free Brownie Manuals


Hold What You Got

July 24, 2008

I recently read an article heralding the below band- The Saturdays- as heiresses to Girls Aloud’s crown. Treachery. Let’s pop the video up here, then logically deconstruct it step by step, in order to show how Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah, Kimberly and Nicola how little they have to fear.

0.06 Seconds: There’s a breathy ‘yeah’, mimicing at best, Cascada, at worst, the Latvian Eurovision entry circa 1995.

0.08 Seconds: Some disgruntled girls walk past the location where the video is set. Are they angry because they’re not members of The Saturdays? Probably not.

0.16 Seconds: There is a lot of hairspray used. Clearly The Saturdays have no enviornmental conscience.

0.39 Seconds: Member X of The Saturdays is eyed up and down by Member Y. Jealousy? Hardly. Boredom? Probably.

0.43 Seconds: Everyone stands up. Hopefully this means the video is over.

0.46 Seconds: Even the director is fed up.

1.00 Minutes: The video is not over. They’re simply walking en masse to the clever post-modern performance area. It’s a shop front you see. Genius. They’re still using industrial amounts of hairspray though.

1.36 Minutes: If you’ve been watching carefully, you’ll notice that they’re all wearing the same shoes, except in different colours. First it was neon high heels, now it’s clunky wedges. This is because, in case the point hasn’t been made yet, they’re in a band.

1.41 Minutes: Someone in the crowd tries the stun them with the flash off their camera. A brave tactic, but the hairspray smokescreen shields the band.

2.10 Minutes: Jonny tries his luck. Member X isn’t having it.

2.35 Minutes: Member Z has a virtuoso ‘No no no’. In a week she’ll have left the band in order to persue a solo career.

2.42 Minutes: Member W has a bit of a sit down.

2.52 Minutes: Member Z is at it again. Maybe she’ll leave the band tomorrow at this stage.

3.04 Minutes: The band leave the stage. The crowd cheer wildly. I can understand why.

3.14 Minutes: A young fan is introduced. She’s probably too young to have heard of Girls Aloud.

3.21 Minutes: The track ends.

I haven’t discussed the track itself, I know. That’s because it’s got about as much substance as a Lisa Scott Lee/Danni Minogue collaboration B-Side.

Forget about The Saturdays. Hopefully they’ll wither and return to their wildly stimulating jobs in retail very soon. In the meantime, soothe your eyes and ears with what is possibly the greatest debut single of all time:

this is an old kodak brownie box camera that my great aunt owned in the mid fifties. i’ve admired it, and the small black and white family holiday photographs it produced, for years. after getting interested in photography about a year ago i’ve also had uber fun with lomography. it’s only since owning a holga and researching how to adapt it for use with 35mm film (i got lazy and had no sponge or rubber bands to hand so a 35mm adapter is on it’s way to me via ebay) that it dawned on me that a similar adaptation could be made with the brownie. okay, so it doesn’t take much brains or labour to ‘adapt’ it. it’s just a case of getting to work with some black electrical tape, popping in a 35mm roll of slide film, taping the end to the take-up spool already in the camera, and closing it all up. the results will be up on thursday, along with instructions on how exactly to do it yourself. there’s lots of information on various sites and i’m sure it’s simple to some but it took me a while to figure out precisely what i was doing. if all goes to plan i should eventually be coming out with nice shots like the ones here.

katie-lilga, proud owner of an electric picnic ticket. boo yes.

it’s quite possible that electric picnic makes me happier than dublin and paris put together. and electric picnic likes me back. likes me likes me. i didn’t have the money and now, i don’t have a ticket. the grief set in as expected. to begin with, i was in denial, i then moved onto the ‘why me?’ stage of resentment before dabbling in a bit of bargaining with good old god (i’ll be a better person, convert to christianity, etc), followed by a bout of depression. i’ve been waiting for the acceptance stage to kick in but it’s nowhere in sight. instead, i am resorting to grovelling. severe, tight-laddering, hands-scraping, on my knees grovelling. it’s a sad sight. anyway what i’m really getting at is that i need a ticket. any ticket will do. some suggestions? no problem. your ticket, your best friend’s ticket, your cousin’s boyfriend’s mother’s dog’s previous owner’s uncle’s granddaughter’s ticket. can i have it? i will pay you. not just in money, but in pure, unconditional, everlasting love. and if you have more than one that’s okay too. that’d be good like. cool. cool. thanks. anyone?



In order to finance a brand spanking new zine (for which I have done some illustrations with my own pudgy little fingers) a fantastico gig is being put on in Anseo tomorrow (Thursday) night. 2 out of the 3 bands consist of my friends, yes yes. And the headline act is charming. Also it’s but 6.50 in. Champion.

Beforehand, I might swing by this. Say hello. Or look me up and down in a mean way from across the room. Whatevs.

remember my post back in may about the dreaded swimsuit search? well i was very surprised to find out that i am in fact the greatest swimsuit buyer ever to set foot on this sea-ridden world. okay, maybe not, but if you’re looking for exactly what i was looking for, and i was, seeings as i was the one who was looking, which was handy, for me anyway, then i’m the one for the job. geddit? got it. and i got these:

both from ebay. the one on the left is at least one size too big but, being cotton, will be easily altered. i will probably invest in a few more for this months (eh… <plug> ) Curved Street Cafe Market on the 26th July (and… </plug> ). speaking of which, another package forced through my letterbox today (the poor old postman, i never answer the door.) was a few more pendants from My Vintage Charms that will also be chained up (not in a violent fashion) and (hopefully) sold along with some of my previous buys.

i will be there. wearing the above charms. make believing that i am alice in wonderland.

see you there? cue nodding heads please.


The New Girl In Town

July 5, 2008

Meabh from Youre Only Massive is make have now blog yum thanks. Content may or may not include close-ups of clothes, news about more performance art music-type shows, and general awesomeness.

By the way, we’re currently plotting something with her (and possibly Megan too) about an extra-special barter-rific eggstravaganza. Eyes open, ears peeled, nostrils flared, children. It’s going to be immense.

Help A Brother Out

July 4, 2008

Who here believes in fairy-tales? I do. As I was walking home on Carysfort Avenue in Blackrock, I spotted this.

Let’s make it happen. The text reads:

Did you walk along here on Sunday night? You had a little flag on your cheek! I pulled over and asked for directions and can’t stop thinking of you! I was driving a black car! I would love to meet you! If you believe in fairy-tales send me an email!!

If it’s you- hop on it! And let us know how you get on.