Help A Brother Out

July 4, 2008

Who here believes in fairy-tales? I do. As I was walking home on Carysfort Avenue in Blackrock, I spotted this.

Let’s make it happen. The text reads:

Did you walk along here on Sunday night? You had a little flag on your cheek! I pulled over and asked for directions and can’t stop thinking of you! I was driving a black car! I would love to meet you! If you believe in fairy-tales send me an email!!

If it’s you- hop on it! And let us know how you get on.

26 Responses to “Help A Brother Out”

  1. Rosie said

    sweet. but unfortunately, it wasn’t me.

  2. bloke said

    The phrase “all men are liars”. It takes 2 to lie and I place and equal proportion of the blame on the WOMEN who LET themselves believe the lies.

  3. Cloda said

    I saw this too!!! She must have been german! The things we do for love!!

  4. poster said

    Girls! I was only looking for sex! You deluders!

  5. onanothernote said

    I hope you Irish girls are proud of yourselves. Giving your flowers away out of spoilt idleness. Insecurely believing those actresses in sex and the city. Carnal relations coz “all my friends are doing it”. Noone wants to marry a girl whos had sex. Its a measure of character. You believe these pretty boys chat up lines. Unforgivable

  6. Eli said

    … yeah, down with women. You tell em, ranty spammers!

  7. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    My life is pretty much nothing BUT spoilt idleness, it’s true. However, i know that ‘poster’ guy isn’t really the guy who put up the notice. He doesn’t use enough exclamation marks.

    I would make a fine detective. xa

  8. onanothernote said

    down with insecure women who go with the flow

  9. onanothernote said

    like even exclamation marks get you girls excited!!!!!

  10. Rosie said

    ranty spammers. brilliant.

  11. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    oh yer. that hit the spot.

    to think i can just sit here at my computer, at home, alone, and get exclamation marks carelessly thrown at me. i feel so spoilt. and so idle.

    this is the life.


  12. onanothernote said

    but you are spoilt its the celtic tiger era

  13. onanothernote said

    please down say theres been a downturn in the economy or something

  14. onanothernote said

    i hate the way virginity isnt sacred anymore

  15. onanothernote said

    your husband won’t have been your first etc…

  16. onanothernote said

    deluding yourself that “this relationship is going to last”. “I know it all”

  17. onanothernote said

    can’t forgive that thickness

  18. onanothernote said

    that dare i say it slutiness

  19. onanothernote said

    you make me sick

  20. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I know Rosie. I know. Though hopefully no longer. I’m sad to say that we’re going to have to go back to vetting comments.

  21. onanothernote said


  22. onanothernotee said


  23. bluebirdsaresonatural said


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  25. m said

    Thanks a million for putting this up on your site, maybe it’ll reach her somehow! Feel very weird about it all but hey its for love! The worst part is never knowing if she even saw the posters or not! m

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