i’m not dead, just yet

July 7, 2008

remember my post back in may about the dreaded swimsuit search? well i was very surprised to find out that i am in fact the greatest swimsuit buyer ever to set foot on this sea-ridden world. okay, maybe not, but if you’re looking for exactly what i was looking for, and i was, seeings as i was the one who was looking, which was handy, for me anyway, then i’m the one for the job. geddit? got it. and i got these:

both from ebay. the one on the left is at least one size too big but, being cotton, will be easily altered. i will probably invest in a few more for this months (eh… <plug> ) Curved Street Cafe Market on the 26th July (and… </plug> ). speaking of which, another package forced through my letterbox today (the poor old postman, i never answer the door.) was a few more pendants from My Vintage Charms that will also be chained up (not in a violent fashion) and (hopefully) sold along with some of my previous buys.

i will be there. wearing the above charms. make believing that i am alice in wonderland.

see you there? cue nodding heads please.



7 Responses to “i’m not dead, just yet”

  1. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I will wave from Berlin. xa

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    two people, yussss!

    ha ha…related posts: ‘horned puffin’. well yuhhh, clearly.

  3. fash-gash said

    epic…..terribly 50’s pin-up.LovEs it! x

  4. Zoe said

    stuck in soggy sligo, still a curved st cafe virgin.
    those are some hotdamn! swimsuits you managed to come across.

  5. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    aren’t they just?! thats a shame, if its any consolation it is very soggy here too. hence the indoorness of the market, very wise!

  6. Winona said

    Ahhhhh I love those swimsuits! good finds!

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