hold on to what you need

July 15, 2008

this is an old kodak brownie box camera that my great aunt owned in the mid fifties. i’ve admired it, and the small black and white family holiday photographs it produced, for years. after getting interested in photography about a year ago i’ve also had uber fun with lomography. it’s only since owning a holga and researching how to adapt it for use with 35mm film (i got lazy and had no sponge or rubber bands to hand so a 35mm adapter is on it’s way to me via ebay) that it dawned on me that a similar adaptation could be made with the brownie. okay, so it doesn’t take much brains or labour to ‘adapt’ it. it’s just a case of getting to work with some black electrical tape, popping in a 35mm roll of slide film, taping the end to the take-up spool already in the camera, and closing it all up. the results will be up on thursday, along with instructions on how exactly to do it yourself. there’s lots of information on various sites and i’m sure it’s simple to some but it took me a while to figure out precisely what i was doing. if all goes to plan i should eventually be coming out with nice shots like the ones here.

katie-lilga, proud owner of an electric picnic ticket. boo yes.


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  1. LdeB said

    Wow beautiful kamera!

  2. do you have pics from doing this up anywhere like flickr?

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