Attic in the Basement

July 28, 2008

My Granny Keatley was clearing out her house, and in the process gave us a load of old photos of when her and Grandad Keatley were courting and marrying and being young and stuff. A fine woman, is Granny Keatley. She’s almost 90, yet still has an insatiable appetite for a daily mass, a bit of a snack, and a gossip about people she knows. She also likes to be kissed on both cheeks. ‘I’m French!’ she says. She’s not French. She just wants kisses. She does it to everyone. Even waiters in restaurants. Like I said, a fine woman.

Here she is as young Nora Kelly, to the right to the right in both photos, in 1930:

Then, she met Grandad- Paddy Keatley. On their first date, he took her and a pal to dinner. He left a mighty tip for the waitress, to impress Gran. Gran waited til his back was turned and took the tip herself. Smashing.

This is them on a date in Avoca in 1942:

This is them, on another date, in the same year:

Finally, at their wartime wedding:

She probably won’t read this. I don’t think she knows what a computer is. Nonetheless, Nora Keatley, a hats off to you.


4 Responses to “Attic in the Basement”

  1. AMS said

    Go granny go!!

    I love the girl on the left in the first pics outfit – I would so wear that!

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I think she’s one of Gran’s sisters. The one in the middle is Auntie Pauline. I’ll ask my mum. She’ll know these things. My mum- by the way- is very much her mother’s daughter… x ailbhe

  3. Zoe said

    your family are clearly brilliant (in regards to brownie post)… i’d like to know who was taking this photos on their dates.. was there a third wheel? well it twas catholic ireland i suppose!

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Again, I have no idea. Gran’ll be round tomorrow morning. All will be cleared up. Maybe I’ll get her to do a guest post!

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