Horse and I

August 9, 2008

Work’s been alllgogogogo because of The Horse Show. All around me I see swishy ponies with swishy ponytails, and swishy riders with even swishier ponytails. Lots of crisp-clean chinos, lots of leather boots and many many cardigans and cable-knit jumpers. It makes me want to dress like I did when I was 14/15 again- hella preppy.

It also- and I’m holding my breath while I write this lest I actually admit that I’m writing the words that follow- makes me want to buy a pair of jodhpurs. There. I’ve said it. I am of short leg and stocky build. The jodhpur has no love for me. But. But but but but but…. Susie likes them.

And maybe a cable knit jumper, for luck.


3 Responses to “Horse and I”

  1. Clare said

    Just promise me you’ll stay away from the knee legnth leather skirts.

  2. George said

    and don’t steal a mother’s cable knit sweater either

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I can make no promises. When you’re cleaning, and you’ve folded your 40th leather skirt, logic and all good sense fails you.

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