All Tomorrow’s Parties

August 14, 2008

I normally hate launch parties. Well, hate is a strong word. What I mean is that, generally, I spend launch parties talking to the two people I know, and eating too much. The Fringe Festival Launch was SUPER though. Smashing, it was. I brought Layla to keep me company, bribing her with promises of free cocktails, and possible mini-sandwiches. I needn’t have bothered.

Lovely Megan greeted us, resplendent in gold lamé.

Then Laura AND Meabh were there too too too. Outside in the Secret Garden Smoking Terrace Roof, we helped some young performance art-ers with their performance art. It involved cutting them out of their t-shirts. I didn’t really understand.

Someone brought their baby with them. It didn’t seem to mind.

Downstairs though, down-stairs, was the best bit. It’d been turned into a backstage area, with clothes to dress up in-

-and make-up to put on-

Also also also, a boy came up to us and did a magic trick. I was amazed.

On an unrelated note, it was the first time that, when someone asked me why I was at something, I answered- ‘I’m in the media’. That said, I’m now frantically trying to wash a load of glitter off my face and hands, so that I can look presentable at my non-media job in an hour’s time.

The festival looks to be really good, and diverse, and, by the looks of things, vair inexpensive. Website is here.


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  1. Rummy said

    This is where we were encouraged to appropriate some make up items.
    on a totally unrelated note; i have an ACE new lipstick. it’s frosted pink.

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