get up on my feet and let go of every excuse

August 23, 2008

i spent most of my holidays in santa barbara marvelling at how american everything was. such a high level of fascination can only result in one thing…five hundred photos. i shall put them to good use. here begins my photographic tour of isla vista and beyond.

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in america they have wooden houses. they also have wooden houses in other countries. the wooden house above is in iv, or isla vista, a place where students go to live, drink, party, surf, party, vomit, eat, party, and get arrested by the iv foot patrol for possession of alcohol on the streets. in fields like the one above, they may also get harassed by skunks and/or raccoons, or merely hang their washing out to dry.

stearn’s wharf is one of the most popular tourist attractions in santa barbara. at the very end you will find overpriced and average tasting ice cream, clam chowder, and a candy store. not a sweet shop. a candy store. at the beginning of the wharf, if you direct your squinting eyes (the sun is out) to the right, you will see an example of one homeless santa barbaran’s innovative nature (or alternatively you could just look at photo two in this post). throw a quarter in the dish and make a wish. your wish will almost definitely not come true but you will have provided one homeless person with enough money to get the shuttle back up state street to visit another entertaining tourist attraction, the ratcatdogman.

the ratcatdogman (image 3, above) can be found on state street and, i’m sure, beyond. mtv’s super sweet sixteeners, take note, this man has a party trick that will blow your excited little minds and see you scrambling for your parents’ cheque book, or pockets full of loose change. his three companions, yes you’ve guessed right, the rat, the cat, and the dog, perform a daring balancing trick in which the rat remains on the cats back while the cat lies or stands on the dog. shopowners provide the dog with water while panda express, as seen in this photo, provides the orange chicken. panda express, which can be found in the Paseo Nuevo mall, is scrumptious and filling and often enjoyed by the employees of Captain Jack’s Tours and Stuff kiosk, also located in the mall, on hangover days. visit the kiosk to stock up on all your essential pirate accessories, hand dyed shirts and dresses and to get information on a range of reasonably priced tours.

more to come friends and foes.



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