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August 23, 2008

in general, i don’t like to discuss or review any form of music because, let’s face it, i probably have no clue what i’m on about. but The Killers at The Academy was just so super splendid that it needs a mention.

to begin the post, i would like to address those of you that attended The Killers in Marlay Park last night. you, my friends, have fine vocal chords. listening from our balcony, the crowd was crystal clear over the music even with my ears still ringing from The Academy gig the night before (although after reading these comments it seems that it may have been due to the bad sound?!).

while i’d still rate The Killers performance at the Olympia Theatre as my favourite gig to date, on Wednesday they seemed entirely transformed into a much more confident, together band. it’s such a rare treat to see a band like them, who seemed at their very best, in such an intimate venue (the capacity is less than eight hundred as far as i know). it was one of those nights that i will probably rave about over and over to my future grandchildren when i’m old and senile and talking the ear off them.

Brandon Flower’s animated stage presence and Ronnie Vanucci’s tireless energy were perfectly balanced by the almost unmoving but ever imposing pillars of Dave Keuning on guitar and Mark Stoermer on bass. my highlights were mostly songs from the second album which I would have never expected but they made a lot more sense to me when i heard them live. Bones, the second single released from the album, was my favourite. from the minute the spotlight shone on Ronnie Vanucci on drums when it’s opening lyrics rang out, right to the end of the song, the place was pumping with that rare, exciting energy generated by an extra special performance. what i see as the big difference between the first and second album definitely adds to the variety of their setlist which also included one or two new songs.

all in all, the stage set was fantastic, the lighting perfect, the addition of violin and piano was a nice twist, and (to end on an entirely shallow note) Mark Stoermer was, as usual, the hottest statue i’ve ever seen ever. ever ever. ever. The Killers were once again perfect in my eyes.




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