ooh black leather

August 28, 2008

while on my vacation we stopped into Aaardvark’s Odd Ark Vintage Store on Melrose Avenue in L.A. it’s a place where dreams of the likes of the fullest petticoats and the frilliest knickers really do come true. but for me, my dream of owning not one, not two, but three (my dreams are very specific) high-waisted leather pencil skirts became reality. one yellow, one blue and one black. perfect. or so i thought. my my those skirts sure know how to make themselves heard, the sound of the lining moving against the leather would..well…it…it would disappoint someone who had just bought three high-waisted, lined, leather, pencil skirts. i set to researching what would happen if one were to carefully detach the lining from the skirt. well…

“A lining makes it easier to put them on and off and keeps them from bunching on your underwear — but you shouldn’t be wearing any underwear anyway. You want to feel the leather against your skin and your cock and balls.”

thinking it wise to follow this helpful advice, i whipped that lining out.

not so wise.

twas a well made skirt, with the lining intricately attached in various places. the seam at the back weakened without it and it eventually ripped. i did get some wear out of it, i enjoyed most of the night, bar garlic chips outside harcourt diner and the taxi ride home, with a fully intact skirt. i felt a little like cinderella. i can go to the ball in my fancy new clothes as long as i make my exit by 3 a.m. when the magic goes kapoosh.

anyway my point is, please people, leave the lining in your leather skirts. “your skin and cock and balls” will forgive you for one night of hardship but your skirt will hold a grudge in the form of a big rip in the most inappriopriate place. now, does anyone know how to repair leather?!



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  1. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I didn’t notice that your skirt last night was leather. Amazing.x

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