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September 7, 2008

I’m an awful person. I never made it to the Fringe Launch last night. At 9.30pm I texted Katie with something along the lines of:

‘Super sorry but I can’t make it out. Was at a party til 11am this morning, then went straight to work. May puke if I don’t go to bed a.s.a.p. Apologies again. Kisses.’

I think Katie went though, and I hope she had a charming time. To make up for my dreadfulness though, I’ve made a QUIZ! Scroll down for the answers, but NO GOOGLING ALLOWED.

How well do you know your Smash Hits!

1) Let’s start gently, Smash Hits! was best read in conjunction with which tv show?
a) CD:UK
b) Live and Kicking!
c) T.O.T.P
d) The Disney Club
e) Pop4

2) What is Stephen Gateley’s favourite movie, EVER?
a) Titanic
b) Lady and the Tramp
c) The Quiet Man
d) Rocky
e) E.T

3) Who was the one that did the rap in ‘Freak U’ by Another Level?
a) Wayne
b) Dane
c) Anthony
d) Bobak
e) John

4) When Billie Piper is at home, what does she get her mother to cook for her?
a) Fish and Chips
b) Beans on Toast
c) Chicken Curry
d) Sunday Roast Dinner
e) Bangers and Mash

5) Which epithet did Smash Hits! give Paul Mc Cartney?
a) Paul ‘I’m a Beatle’ Mc Cartney
b) Paul ‘Wacky Thumbs Aloft’ Mc Cartney
c) Paul ‘I Married Linda’ Mc Cartney
d) Paul ‘Get a Haircut’ Mc Cartney
e) Paul ‘Mull of Kin-WHAT?’ Mc Cartney

6) When I was 10 I sent away for a Smash Hits! record bag, but who was modelling it in the magazine?
a) Faye Tozer
b) Marky Mark
c) Chris Evans
d) Louise Nurding
e) Vanessa Amorosi

7) Esther from Eternal once said that the band’s worst fashion mistake was…
a) Wearing black and white corsets on CD:UK
b) All-Orange outfits on T.O.T.P.
c) Allowing Louise Nurding into the band
d) When they had perms at the start of the 90s
e) Wearing tracksuit bottoms and school shoes

8) 3LW stands for
a) Three Little Women
b) Three Like Water
c) Three Lights Went
d) Three Left Warrington
e) Three Love We

9) Where did the band ‘Northern Line’ get their name from?
a) They were all from the North of England
b) They wanted to be called ‘Northern Lions’ but that name had already been taken
c) They saw it on the Underground
d) They picked it out of a hat
e) None of the above

10) Before Ben joined A1 he was….
a) Unemployed
b) Still at school
c) A student
d) A choirboy
e) A dancer

11) Which celebrity couple were Smash Hits OBSESSED with in the middle of the 90’s?
a) Emma Bunton and Jade Jones
b) Nicole Appleton and Robbie Williams
c) Geri Halliwell and….well….anyone
d) Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy
e) Tess Daly and Vernon Kaye

12) O-Town had a fantasy girl, but which order did her components come in?

a) a mix of Destiny’s child, Madonna’s wild style, Janet Jackson’s smile, body like Jennifer
b) body like Jennifer, Janet Jackson’s smile, a mix of Destiny’s Child, Madonna’s wild style
c) Madonna’s wild style, a mix of Destiny’s Child, body like Jennifer, Janet Jackson’s smile
d) Janet Jackson’s smile, body like Jennifer, Madonna’s wild style, mix of Destiny’s Child












Answers: 1- c 2-c 3-d 4-e 5-b 6-a 7-b 8-a 9-c 10-d 11-a 12- a

How did you fare?


3 Responses to “Something For The Weekend”

  1. Ciarán said

    At home I have the Smash Hits featured in your pic, but I’m afraid I didn’t fare very well in your quiz, you’re clearly a generation after me – I stopped buying Smash Hits in early 1993, a year after its relaunch (which I didn’t like). I bought it sporadically after that so have a few isshes right through to the bitter end.

    And if I may make a very slight correction, it’s actaully Paul Fab Macca Wacky Thumbs Aloft McCartney.

    I’ve been meaning to post up a few bits out of Smash Hits actually, so I’ll get onto that in a bit. In the meantime here’s a Smash Hits question for you…

    Q: Have you any good fishing tips?

  2. Rummy said

    i got two right… i bow my head in shame

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