sitting in a library

September 8, 2008

(this photo was not taken in a library, no no, oh no…rather, Thrasher Books…Santa Barbara…)

so everybody’s broke. down-and-out. penniless. strapped for cash and all that.

well today i found it quite easy.

i remembered…the library! okay so if, like me, you haven’t been to the library since you were a wee child trying hard not to raise your excited little voice above a barely audible whisper (okay. turns out i’m exaggerating the length of time i’ve spent away from the library.), you will need to reactivate your account. this comes with a mountain of surprises. number one. you can now take out TWELVE books. TWELVE. and to think, the agony i used to endure trying to whittle my selection down to just four. number two. you can now get books from the grown-up’s section. yes, i know, it may come as a surprise to you but you are no longer a child. can you handle that? number three. if you have any outstanding debts (i don’t know if he said fifty cent or fifty seven euro…probably the latter at this stage), chances are, these too are probably out of date and deactivated. number four. you can renew your books online. and as we’ve now established, i have issues with returning books on time. it should also be clear at this stage that i am a frequent user of the internet. therefore, point number four is a definite plus for me.

just don’t go to the library searching for anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald. they don’t have any. well not in my local. curious.

other tips for not spending money? no more cars and stuff. in fact, public transport or general moving about the place is best avoided. forget going to crappy nightclubs in Dublin that you never had any fondness for in the first place (i.e. all of them). don’t, and i repeat, don’t, under any circumstances, go to London next week. oops.

and you could always just get a job.

(on that note, could i please have one reeeally fun active yay job with a side of LOTS OF DOSH please) (dosh. do people still use that word, dosh?)



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  1. Ailbhe said

    If we’re asking, could I also have a lovely job?

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