well i woke up tonight and said aaaaaaaaye

September 13, 2008

remember electric picnic 2008 my friends?

‘electric picnic is sooo two weeks ago.’ i hear you groan.

well. yes. that’s correct.

anyway, where was i? yes. click here and scroll down a smidge to see Dan Deacon’s questioningly successful human whirlpool in the Little Big Tent as seen and filmed by such international superstars as Franz Ferdinand. we’ve always been ones for the shuffling, and we do it so well. i didn’t go see Franz Ferdinand on the weekend but i do look forward to welcoming them back into my ears. i missed them.

yeh. so, what i’m really getting at is that, in the words of Natasha Bedingfield give or take a letter or two, i wanna have Electric Picnic’s babies. never never have i ever wanted to have the babies of something that isn’t human to such an extent. there was so much to do and see and it’s impossible not to love it when you’re surrounded by people of all ages grinning like complete fools. from the children frolicking about and doing arts and crafts to the two old ladies i spotted kitted out with their new runners and little backpacks, disposable cameras at the ready. those ladies now define my hopes for my own future. being a crazy cat lady has been downgraded. however i’d like to bring my minolta x-300 in place of their choice of disposable cameras, we had fun, minolta and me.

i demand to know who runs electric picnic? i will hug you.



5 Responses to “well i woke up tonight and said aaaaaaaaye”

  1. Ailbhe said

    Our cousin,indirectly.

  2. Those photos are coooool ❤

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    gahh thank you!

  4. arsheen said

    hey chicas, lovely meeting you guys today. on inspection of my links i saw that yours was bizzarely missing, so it’s back on the list again. great photos! x

  5. nate said


    i’ve been dabbing in film for a little while now and i actually just bought an x-300. just curious, what kind of lens are you using?


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