yes its hard to live, so hard to live in the city

September 13, 2008

okay i’m gonna be a really nice person here. this post is designed to help us all gain a little something special in our lives. me? lots of euro. you? clothes, shoes, purses and screwdrivers. let the generosity begin.

i am selling the above dress right here.
it’s one of them vintage reproduction Vivien of Holloway dresses that you’ve seen in George’s Street Arcade and on fabulous people worldwide and i suggest you bid on it because it’s LOVELY.

I am also selling the items below…right over here

yes that’s a screwdriver. it’s cordless.

plus a pair of originally ludicrously expensive office shoes, a lux dress from urban outfitters, a h&m skirt, an urban outfitters purse, and a superluckycat dress made using vintage fabrics also from urban outfitters.



3 Responses to “yes its hard to live, so hard to live in the city”

  1. ams said

    That dress is so beautiful – how can you bear to let it go?!!!

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    the polka dot one?

    well once it was brought to my attention by…well…my mirror…that i’m not a 50s pin-up with such proportions as 38-22-36 i just had to let it go!

  3. I came across your site while making a research for ab belt but everything here is so interesting! Great dress,btw!

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