My Pride and Joy

September 14, 2008

Sorry, I’ve been a little lax on the blogging side. Mainly because Issue Five of Analogue is now out- in real life and and and in PDF. Instead of posting a picture of the magazine itself, I’ll give you some out-takes from the Album Swop photoshoot I did. All is revealed in the magazine….

The charming cardigan-ed chap on the right? That’d be Karl. The records we’re supposedly fighting over? Lauryn Hill VS Thingama*jigsaw. Who won? You’ll have to read the article to find out.

All the above photos by Neil Burke.


4 Responses to “My Pride and Joy”

  1. I love that album swap bit…

  2. Karl said

    I don’t think there was a winner! Was there? Fuck! I hope it was me.

    I’m really really uncomfortable with having pictures of myself in print around the country. Oh well. I wonder will next month’s candidates do it in short sleeves for the first time?

  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    You’re right, but it doesn’t sound as good to say: ‘Read on for two logically argued points which mutually cancel out any need for competition.’

    I hope all the Staffers continue to wear sensible jumpers. By the looks of the next one- Conor and Ciarán- we might have some trouble on our hands. Maybe we could photoshop the end results?

  4. layla said

    oh ailbh it’s so natural and fraught with swapping tension! i just love how the lights are all swooshy like action was actually happening…..

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