you should be a model

September 22, 2008

I started this post seven hours ago but unfortunately I’ve been somewhat distracted today. By food, mainly. I must’ve had a cheeky nibble on almost everything in the kitchen. yes yes, everything but the kitchen sink. har har. I’ve just returned from there in fact. I rooted out the jar of nutella, wide-eyed, with spoon in hand. It was all gone so instead I cooked a thick-based pizza, with toppings that would generally disgust me, retrieved the cheese from the fridge while softly whispering “I couldn’t do it without you” and proceeded to grate half the block over my pizza. Then I ate it. Now, let us begin.

I’m an absolute sucker for streetstyle sites that feature pretty photography and good design. For me personally, those two factors are just as important, if not more so, than the actual people and oufits on show. Recently I’ve mostly been salivating over (nice image, I know) YouCatwalk, Glam Canyon and Style Sightings.

YouCatwalk appears to have been laid to rest almost a year ago, but the original photos are still there to inspire. Like this one.

So Glam Canyon is kick ass. But prepared to suddenly find yourself gagging for a good party and a thorough wardrobe revamp. The text is always a nice addition. And coincidentally, the person behind YouCatwalk was featured here within the last two weeks.

This girl was photographed by Style Sightings at the LFW PPQ after party. As slogan tshirts go, this is a kinda wicked idea.

Someone who seems to have his own team of fashion pap everywhere he goes, is one of my favourite playmates in the whole wide universe, Mr. Alan Taylor. Alan has a blog. You should visit it. But only if you promise not to get jealous about his ripping hair and fantastic fashion-filled life. Deadly. Click here to go forth and gaze.



4 Responses to “you should be a model”

  1. Andrew said

    “I couldn’t do it without you”

    Every now and again I read a sentence on a blog that just has me giigling and grinning like a buffoon in front of real actual people who do work and stuff and that was one of those.

    Looking forward to meeting you guys tomorrow.

  2. Darragh said

    Damn you Katie, now I’m starving. Sheesh. Off to the fridge I go. Hope we have cheese!

  3. Love the Diane Arbus tshirt…as una would say Wantsies šŸ™‚

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Andrew: I don’t normally say things that have people reacting in such a way. i’m sorry to have to break it to you but i wouldn’t want to get your hopes up. šŸ˜›

    Darragh: you HOPE you have cheese?! what’s a fridge without cheese? a heartless fridge that’s what.

    Green: i wantsies itsies toosies butsies a quicksies googlesies searchsies camesies upsies withsies nosies resultsies šŸ˜¦

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