Catfights and Spotlights

‘Catfights and Spotlights’ could equally have been named ‘Heartbreak and High Heels’. It’s a record by a band that is right on top of their game, and are well aware of it. ‘You on a Good Day’ ticks all the right boxes. There’s a chugging bass line, a mini vocal breakdown in the bridge and the obligatory call and answer in the middle 8 that demands that the beat be brought back, a.s.a.p. ‘No Can Do’ boasts a surprising chorus, and a smashing fade-out. ‘Sunday Rain’ borrows a little from the Moonlight Sonata by way of ‘Back to Black’. There will probably be some kind of moody video involving lots of walking.

The lyrics save the record from wallowing in nostalgia, and from leaking into the current spate of 60’s throwbacks. Roughly half the tracks were co-written by the ’babes themselves, and it’s easy to tell which. There’s no erudition, no clever similes and no Coward-esque puns. Lines like ‘Let me tell you bout a boy who’s going la-la tryin an get my ya-ya’ and ‘I read a magazine last night/All our issues came to light/ I memorized it piece by piece but I guess it’s not that easy’ distill segments of the advice pages of Cosmo into bite-sized, standard backbeat-ed chunks. Is it fair to say then, that this could be a concept album, chronicling a Saturday night out? It follows a group of friends getting ready to go out (‘Girls), who bump into an ex (‘No Can Do’), which leads to a domestic by the side of the dancefloor (‘Side Chick’), and ends in a Deep Meaningful Conversation in the chip shop (‘Can We Call a Truce’). It’s only a pity that they felt compelled to sellotape on a tacky duet with Taio Cruz at the end, which means that instead of the album ending on an acoustic, lovelorn downbeat, it fades out through over-produced synths. Mutya wouldn’t have let that one slide.


Hello and good morning friends. Thanks to everyone who came to our DJ set at the Vampire Weekend after-party last night. We had a smashing time. We hope you did too.

We’re not going to say thank you to the low tables that I ran into. We’re not going to say thank you to the many stupid stupid stupid stupid people who asked us to play MGMT. We will, however, say thank you to the men who said that Katie’s dress was lovely. And a thank you to the very excited 17 year olds who brought face-paint.

We could post a set-list, but instead, we thought we’d recreate in full our (by now world-famous) slow set. Hands around your partner’s waist, heads on shoulders, and let’s dim the lights. Last night Matt began the dancing. You too can do the same, from the comfort of your own…em…internet.

edit: couple of photos from the ghoulish evening that was..

Sincerest apologies to those of you that had places to be in the city at any stage this afternoon. We probably got in your way a bit. Today in Dublin, in response to the hike in 3rd level registration charges and the potential reintroduction of fees, up to fifteen thousand students walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and shouted a bit and banged a couple of drums and things that weren’t actually drums and walked and walked and walked some more and then stood around for a bit and banged a bit more and sang some songs and shouted a lot and walked and walked again. This is what it looked like…


Faits Divers

October 22, 2008

Some small small things to round up and put in various boxes. 

Numero Uno: Fair play to Aine and Layla. They’re off to the wonderful wonderful Hat’s Off Party this Friday in the Morrisson hotel, for frees. Everybody else is welcome to go too, but you’ll have to buy a ticket. Luckily, you can do that here.

Uibhir a Do (I know there should be a fada there, but I don’t know how to get fadas on a Mac): Katie-Lilga and I will be throwing down some sweet-ass jams at Soundcheck tomorrow night, under the name Songs for Swinging Children. Come and holla at your girls. Or have a drink.

Numero Trois: Not in Dublin and in London instead? Some dear dear friends of mine can entertain you, with live music, pretty faces and possible chocolate cake. Facebook event ici.

Number Four: Have you booked your swopshop ticket yet? If not, why not? Hurry up!

Normal service will resume soon-some, I promise. We love you dearly.

But not as much as we love John Cusack:

Thank you thank you K-to-the-atie for minding our blog while I was away and not in Dublin. I had a lovely time in London. Very lovely.
I went to the new club/barn/airport hangar in the ex-millenium dome. Matter? Is that what it’s called? It was terrifying. They did play Orange Juice though, which impressed me greatly:

I’m a little bit snowed under with catching-up work and ting, but I can can can promise a review of the new Sugababes record very soon. Perhaps this evening? In the meantime, listen to The Big Pink. They are superverygood.

oh susannahhhhh

October 18, 2008

Diana, even.

Considering a move to britain so I can vote for her.


October 18, 2008

Just a few photos from the opening of the Can’t We All Just Get Along exhibition that finished up in The Backloft today. After a pleasant evening it was concluded that, yes, we can all get along fairly well. jolly good tally ho etc.


isn’t she lovely

October 18, 2008

Just arrived home from another fabulously flawless fashion bloggers brunch up. The people behind Ophelia Ford, Beaut, Fashion Filosofy, Dublin Streets, Indigo & Cloth (South William Street, GO GO), The Independent, Catwalk Genius (I’ve left someone out haven’t I?!) all made an appearance, not forgetting of course, the one who rounded us all up in the first place, Ann Marie of I Blog Fashion. YOU’RE ALL DOWNRIGHT LOVELY. The Wrangler Space on Cope Street provided the perfect venue to sit around, stuff our faces, drink champagne, eye up some nice clothes and talk fashion and travel amongst other things with like-minded people. I look forward to the next one more than I look forward to Christmas. Probably because I seem to get more presents at FBBs than I expect to get on the twenty fifth of December. And presents are generally a positive addition to my life, ye dig? I didn’t take any photos because I am a dire excuse for a human being but I’m sure there will be a few floating around the interweb before long.

edit: yes, as suspected, photos have surfaced over at I Blog Fashion, super.


it’s a tug of war

October 15, 2008

Did you win the lotto tonight? Yes? On a bit of a winning streak are we? Yes?

Well then, act fast people. You must enter our competition before you’re luck runs out at the stroke of midnight GMT this Friday, that’s how it works, honest. If you’re available on Friday 24th October and you dig free cocktails and music, leave your e-mail to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to The Hat’s Off at The Morrisson Hotel.

Also, if you have a penchant for old-fashioned bartering, face paint, baked goods, music and general nice things, don’t forget to check out the details on our fast approaching Swop Shop! Tickets at five euro can be reserved by e-mail at

Now excuse me while I revert back to my elusive state. I’m a regular Loch Ness monster. RARRR.


Thoroughly suggest you all hop, skip and/or jump on over to this one. If you are busy, just see it as a relaxing and cultured form of procrastination…Somewhat like the way that I am writing this post while the piles of crap in my bedroom look increasingly larger, more sinister, and much more likely to engulf me at any given second not to mention the open sketchbook beside me that looks depressingly empty, uninspiring and much more likely to lead to me failing my first assessment of the college term on Monday.

Now, I suggest we all stall it over to youtube to watch some Diana Vickers videos.