The Best Things in Life Are Free

October 11, 2008

Yeps. It’s true. That’s why we’re running a competition! With prizes! Lámhaí síos, beolaí dúnta, and éistigí suas…

A friend of mine is running an event in the Morrisson Hotel on Friday the 24th of October, called ‘The Hat’s Off’. It’s social mixer for stylish, hip young urbanites like you, our lovely lovely readers. There’ll be a free cocktail reception at 8pm, followed by music from Halfset (with whom there’s an interview in the new issue of Analogue) and DJ Will Softly. Also, my nearest dearest and bestest friend Simon will be running some projections during the night. He’s very talented, so it’s bound to be good. Katie and I will be there also, drinking and giggling in the corner.

Tickets are on sale now, from Road Records and City Discs. They only cost 20e, which is pas mal. However, would anyone like to go along for frees? We’ve got two sets of tickets for yiz yes yes. Up for it? If so, comment with your name and email address and we’ll sort you out. If you’re too late, go and buy a ticket anyway. You’ll enjoy yourself, promise.

edit: Tickets will be allocated on a LUCKY DIP basis. ohh goody. Closing date for entries is one week from today, Saturday the eighteenth of October, leaving the winners with six uncomfortable days and six sleepless nights to endure as they attempt to contain their excitement. Be strong.



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  1. hey hey! we want tickets!
    Layla and Aine that is.

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