isn’t she lovely

October 18, 2008

Just arrived home from another fabulously flawless fashion bloggers brunch up. The people behind Ophelia Ford, Beaut, Fashion Filosofy, Dublin Streets, Indigo & Cloth (South William Street, GO GO), The Independent, Catwalk Genius (I’ve left someone out haven’t I?!) all made an appearance, not forgetting of course, the one who rounded us all up in the first place, Ann Marie of I Blog Fashion. YOU’RE ALL DOWNRIGHT LOVELY. The Wrangler Space on Cope Street provided the perfect venue to sit around, stuff our faces, drink champagne, eye up some nice clothes and talk fashion and travel amongst other things with like-minded people. I look forward to the next one more than I look forward to Christmas. Probably because I seem to get more presents at FBBs than I expect to get on the twenty fifth of December. And presents are generally a positive addition to my life, ye dig? I didn’t take any photos because I am a dire excuse for a human being but I’m sure there will be a few floating around the interweb before long.

edit: yes, as suspected, photos have surfaced over at I Blog Fashion, super.



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  1. Zohra said

    Hi Katie!
    So pleased to finally get to meet you guys today, what a feast and how yummy was the champagne? Such a treat!
    I’d actually love to go to Soundcheck, I’ve heard about it, but never have had the chance to check it out.
    I might email you on Wed, get the details and show a face.
    Until then! x
    Ps. Thanks so much for the mention in your post, I linked you on my blog too. x

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