Good Night, I Sing To You, Good Night

October 24, 2008

Hello and good morning friends. Thanks to everyone who came to our DJ set at the Vampire Weekend after-party last night. We had a smashing time. We hope you did too.

We’re not going to say thank you to the low tables that I ran into. We’re not going to say thank you to the many stupid stupid stupid stupid people who asked us to play MGMT. We will, however, say thank you to the men who said that Katie’s dress was lovely. And a thank you to the very excited 17 year olds who brought face-paint.

We could post a set-list, but instead, we thought we’d recreate in full our (by now world-famous) slow set. Hands around your partner’s waist, heads on shoulders, and let’s dim the lights. Last night Matt began the dancing. You too can do the same, from the comfort of your own…em…internet.

edit: couple of photos from the ghoulish evening that was..


6 Responses to “Good Night, I Sing To You, Good Night”

  1. Ben said

    Girls you rocked out!

    Really set the night off, loved the slow set, even got a slow dance of me own! :p
    Was great to meet yis! I want to put the two of you in my pocket for ever and ever!

    Ben Ben Ben

  2. that’s not the comment we agreed on ben ben ben. i’m verrrrrr disappointed in you.

    bahhh! you provide the pocket and we’ll provide a pocket-sized slow set whenever you like.

  3. Ben said

    iv let you down. im sorry. 😦

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    make yours a silk-lined pocket and all’s forgiven!

  5. I must confess to being one of the stupid, stupid, stupid people who asked for MGMT. Repeatedly. I am sorry, I was a leeetle drunk.

    But they still rawk. And you guys did too πŸ˜€

  6. Awesomeness picture-oonies… i realise this is very late for a reply.. i’m looking forward to more fun soon!

    thanks for the teeth!

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