I’m A Reasonable Man Get Off My Case

November 5, 2008

The H&M/CDG collaboration hits stores (including the new supershiny one on South King St) on November 13th. There’s no reason not to be civilised about this. I’ll just say what I want, and everyone else can have the other things. Make sense? Yeah. Great. Fab. Awesome.

Jacket pleasethanks.

Skirt yeahyou’regrand.

Blouse ohyou’retoogood.


Can we consider this sorted then? Good. I’m glad we’ve had this chat.


5 Responses to “I’m A Reasonable Man Get Off My Case”

  1. Catherine said

    One of the guys in the shop in Dundrum told me ages ago that it was going on sale on the 8th. He was wrong it seems. Then again he did ask me a number of times “Come wha?” when i went in to ask. Cannot wait!

  2. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Except except I have no money to spend on clothes. Per’aps my Gran’ll buy me something for Christmas…

  3. canweplaydressup said

    I CANT WAIT……i tried to work out how much of it i wanted…….came to round 700 euros wort!

    worth it!

  4. Shep said

    Do you know if the new south kings St. store will have the mens line? the website only lists Dundrum but that new store would be much handier for me.

  5. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    I have no idea. I’d presume that because the South Kings St shop is new, and kind of a flagship, that they’d have it there, n’est pas?

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