i’ll show you mine if you show me yours

November 9, 2008

omg i like denimz too

Would everybody like a brief look into my musical past? YES! oh oh okay. At the turn of the century, all I would listen to was Mary J. Blige and Ashanti. A significant turning point came when, in 2002, I had the choice between splashing out on The Very Best (it really was) of Pure R ‘n’ B Vol. 2 or The Calling’s LOVELY Camino Palmero (first blog to mention this album in a favourable way more than once? probably.). After one hella deep breath, I chose the latter. However, before this dramatic life-changing event, even before Dr. Dre gave me a prescription for a daily dose of No More Drama, I was a full on girlband addict and severe wannabe (zigga ziggahh). If I were able to root out my old diaries as Ailbhe has done recently (mine are long since torn up in embarrassment) you would be sure to find my ‘top threes’. In the musical sense it would include the likes of Spice Girls, B*Witched, All Saints, Eternal and possibly even Cleopatra at some point. But really, in my eyes, there was only one all girl group worthy of worldwide appreciation and fame. Girls 2000. Never heard of them? Formed in the late half of the 1990s, Girls 2000 consisted of two sisters and a some-amount-of-times-removed cousin (none of these were me or relatives of mine…Okay so one of them was me and two of them were relatives of mine). The following is an exclusive look at the lyrics from their first single, stunning…just…stunning.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it the girls are back in town!
Makeway! Gateway! For the Girls 2000!
Girls 2000 are here, and nobody’s safe, nobody’s
From their love, their power, their sweet devour!

(note the excessive use of exclamation marks.)

We definitely exercised our artistic license and made up words along the way for the sake of a good rhyme. We definitely bought shoes from the bargain bin in Penneys and spray painted them gold and silver. I definitely teamed these with a pair of orange cat tights from The Sock Shop (up there in my ‘top threes’ of shopping destinations at the time), a black velvet skirt and a stripey woollen polo neck.

Somewhere out there is a grainy video of Girls 2000’s first and only public appearance at a Christmas party. I need it quite urgently. I would treasure it forever and only wish I could say the same for my poor old diaries.

Hopefully, you will all get a look into the mind of teenage Ailbhe very soon with a couple of diary extracts. She might even tell you about the conceptual band (with actual instruments) that she started back in transition year, The Xams.



4 Responses to “i’ll show you mine if you show me yours”

  1. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    The Xams, in the tradition of all the best bands, had a logo, but no songs.

    Also, are there no more verses from Girls 2K?

  2. Haha. I had a similar experience myself. We were called 2Cute. Good lord…

  3. Helen B said

    Love it.

    If we’re sharing these things, I’ll mention that I was briefly in an indie/grunge band..

    ..which doesn’t sound too bad until I add that for a while, I played the bass part on my yamaha keyboard.

    And the band name was unspeakable.

  4. […] It’s diary time again. Here is our first extract. Can we please bear in mind- a)The baffling amount of […]

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