Leader Of The Pack

November 9, 2008


Late in the evening, when office blocks have shut, and the library is turning on its night-time lights, a rare breed of Dublin city creature makes its way onto the streets. Fast-moving, slipping and sliding in and out of cars, through red lights and over pedestrian crossings, they stick together. Legs are covered in oil, and brows are lowered to knee-level. They move in their own kind of formation- like a Jacob’s Ladder- folding up down left right all the way home. On a bike, you’re top of the food chain.

The theme of this mixtape is packs of animals. Bands such as the Beatles, Arctic Monkeys and so on aren’t featured. It’d be a bit of a cop-out, and we’re above that kind of thing. Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses could have made their respective ways onto the tracklisting, but there’s always next time.

1. The Zookeeper’s Boy- Mew
2. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box- Radiohead
3. It’s You- Animal Collective
4. We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!- Le Loup
5. Noah’s Ark- Coco Rosie
6. The Owls Go- Architecture in Helsinki
7. Mamma Mia- Dublin Duck Dispensary
8. Wild Packs of Family Dogs- Modest Mouse
9. Diamond Dogs (Live)- David Bowie
10. Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts- Wolf Parade

Go and get it here. Image is from Rachel Denny’s ‘Domestic Trophies’ range.


2 Responses to “Leader Of The Pack”

  1. Andrew said

    Some cracking choices there, Packt Like Sardines has been in my head a lot recently and I absolutely adore that Wolf Parade song.
    I shall download later and enjoy when I’m not on a work computer.

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