get your lights on honey

November 14, 2008


Introducing MY FAVE.

The level of nostalgia brought on by the old Dundrum Shopping Centre in my mind reaches quite catastrophic levels. It may sound like some sort of skewed, romantic image of mine, but we truly did trek across rolling green hills to reach it when I was a young(er) ‘un. Well, one rolling green hill anyway. Bright Ideas, with it’s bejewelled boxes and little trinkets and toys, was always on our list of shops to visit, and later Material Girl supplied us with patched jeans for a tenner. School uniforms were courtesy of Rita’s and Champion Sports supplied me with my first Tamagotchi. There was a photo booth where we came dangerously close to pissing ourselves with laughter, and a hairdressers where I was introduced to the wonders of layers as a ten year old. It’s sad, then, to see the lights long gone out in all but one shop, Noel Reid’s menswear, which is also in the process of closing down. Even sadder is the fact that, sooner rather than later, the shopping centre will be torn down to make way for some hotel or apartment complex of some sort. Don’t get me wrong, the place is nothing near striking, especially now that the bins overflow and the shop windows are covered in black plastic sheeting.

And now? Well it appears that this is the shopping centre that just keeps on giving. This time in the form of a hilariously bright and garish ‘Xmas Tree Show’ shop in the unit that used to be home to Penneys. It makes me smile when I walk through the village and watch the shopping centre positively glow, all day, all night. I will never complain about Christmas starting too early ever again, and in fact, I never want it to end. I appeal to all actual photographers to go and take some super photos of it and then give them to me. ta. very. much.



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  1. Ciarán said

    Way back, there used to be a little record shop upstairs in the old Dundrum Shopping Centre. One day in July 1987 I went in there with my sister and we bought ABBA “Greatest Hits Volume 2” on LP (the date we bought it is written inside the gatefold sleeve). So it has a certain nostalgia for me also.

  2. fathergivemelegs said

    ahhhhhh that is actualy incredible…….i still remeber the first time i went up 2 Ritas to get my first uniform….disgusting or going into the newsagent to buy as many penny sweets as possible…..amazing!

  3. Ciarán said

    And remember Coco Berries? Sounds like the name of a dancer at the Folie Bergére doesn’t it.

  4. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    ahh yes, i used to work in that very newsagent when i was fifteen. i got yelled at on the shopfloor when i quit.

    coco berries, was that the one that opened quite a bit later on?! it was so fancy. indeed it caused a buzz almost as great as if a dancer at the folie bergere had arrived in ireland and plonked herself down in the middle of dundrum shopping centre.

  5. Catherine said

    I got an amazing Boyzone t-shirt in that Pennyeys and always used to go to the fabric shop at the back to get tartan ribbon for my hair at Christmas. Those were the good ole days.

  6. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    i used to get a green ribbon for my hair on paddy’s day in there. i was so sad when it closed. although it meant i could buy up lots of cheap embroidery thread for my junior cert home economics wall hanging.

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