Pledge of Alliegience

November 18, 2008

Who do you love more? Daddy or Chips? Ailbhe or Katie-Lilga? Analogue or Soundcheck? Northside or Southside? It’s ok. You can like both. We like both. Luckily so, you can combine the two in one fell lovely wonderful swoop this Thursday night.

Firstly, hit up Soundcheck for some free-in action, and wonderful 2-for-1 cocktails at the official Swopshop afterparty in Spy:


Then, make your way across the river to the Twisted Pepper to see some superace music live. Played by musicians. In the flesh. :




3 Responses to “Pledge of Alliegience”

  1. fathergivemelegs said

    2 NIGHTS…… we are spoilt!


  2. Lyndsay said

    Swop shop was a success! Well done girlies. I’m sorry I didn’t say hello but I wasn’t sure which girls were you! Please forgive me. I’m not actually a horrible snobby brat.

    I wish I made more of an effort with my appearance though. Everyone looked so lovely. I only had a few hours’ sleep on my friend’s floor (also my reason for not heading to the afterparty…).

    If you see me at The Button Factory on Tuesday PLEASE SAY HELLO so I’ll know in future!


  3. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Ok Linds, so you know, I’ve got short short brown hair, and Katie’s got long long lovely curly blonde hair. We’ll be djing at TAC early on, then we’re going to HUNT YOU DOWN. We may even arrange some kind of meeting point. xx

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