Police and Thieves

December 4, 2008


We don’t generally whinge a lot, Katie-Lilga and me. We tend to make the best of things. Except, this time, something needs to be said.

Over the past few months, we’ve heard a lot of complaints about bullying by the security staff at the POD complex. (And, in fact, in other Dublin venues). It wasn’t until last night that we experienced it ourselves.

Let’s put things in context. We were a group of 5 girls. The youngest of us was 21, the eldest was 23. The 23 year old didn’t have ID. Fair enough, she’s 23. None of us were drunk. None of us were rowdy. It was a very wet, very cold night.

We’ve been going to Antics since it began 4 years ago. We knew the old bouncers. These guys were new. We lined up at the door, calmly and quietly. The 23 year old was told that without ID, she wouldn’t get in. Here’s where things went wrong. While it’s a perfectly acceptable policy not to allow those without ID to enter, it’s not acceptable to bully and shout at someone when they point out that they are 23, and have been coming to the club for 4 years. It’s not acceptable to tell them that they have ‘fuck all life experience and don’t know a fucking thing about the world’. One of our friends stood up for the 23 year old, saying ‘I don’t think you can talk to her that way’. She was promptly hoisted out of the club, and told that she wasn’t allowed back in. The bouncers were so rude to her, that she began to cry.

Normally, I tend to take the side of staff at a venue, especially at a club night that I’ve been going to ever since I can remember. But this is not on.

All those involved in the incident have lodged a complaint- either through writing a letter, or by phoning the venue. If you’ve had a bad experience thanks to the POD security, I advise you to do the same.

Here is the phone number of the POD complex: (01) 4763374
Here is the address: Crawdaddy, Old Harcourt St Train Station, Dublin 2.

This can’t go on, and won’t go on.



23 Responses to “Police and Thieves”

  1. Karl said

    Woah, story of my life. Down with Crawdaddy security.

  2. We’re supposed to have a system of self regulation in the event security area. I believe this is the association involved in the area. http://www.isia.ie

    If the people were working for one of the organisations that are with the ISIA then you have the option to complain to them too. The event companies are listed below.


    I hope this may be of some assistance.

    Personally, I think the state would certify those people who work in this area, and they should be required to display ID (much like Gardai) that makes it easier for you to identify and report them for what is wholly inappropriate behaviour.

  3. Lyndsay said

    Oh my gosh, that’s ridiculous! I’d be in tears too!

    I haven’t been to the POD complex since Bookashade in June but thankfully I’ve never had any problems with security there ever.

  4. Paul said

    Fair play to you for complaining, we’ve all had to put up with our fair share of wanker bouncers in our time but that was a step beyond the normal. The only way venues will start to hire decent bouncers is if they’re made aware it’s an issue. I’ve stopped going to some places in the past because I was fed up dealing with the pricks on the door.

  5. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Thanks guys. I tried to ask their names, and the name of the company, and their actual response was to laugh. And I don’t mean in a ‘pshaw’ kind of way. A full on evil laugh. Like Jafar from Aladdin. Or Vice in a morality play. He properly went: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  6. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Also, I checked out the isia website, POD isn’t listed. Funny that.
    I don’t see the point of avoiding venues just because of the bouncers. While it may save you a lot of hassle, they’re still going to be as mean to someone else. They need a slap on the wrist, or a kick in the teeth. Or both.

  7. Rojo said

    I’m still scared of bouncers

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  9. narocroc said

    I had a run in with the tripod bouncers at a gig a while back. Ignorant and arrogant in equal measure. Dickheads. Certainly worthy of a letter if complaint at the very least.

  10. Des said

    Check also the private security authority (www.psa.gov.ie) which is the Gov organisation designed to regulate security – you can log a complaint on their site and they do tend to respond.

  11. Lottie said

    That’s awful. It’s terrible that these places take advantage of people when they think that they have a few drinks on them and can get away with it. These security guards have absolutely no right to touch your physical person without reason.

  12. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Wankers. The load of them. The letters have been posted. Let’s wait and hear what the repsonse is…

  13. gardenhead said

    great to see you take a stand on this Ailbhe. Hope your letters are effective.

  14. Mike said

    I despise bouncers as much as the next person but…

    While it’s a perfectly acceptable policy not to allow those without ID to enter…

    So why question it? Why push it by helpfully explaining that she was in fact 23. It wasn’t going to change the policy any more than it wasn’t going to change the fact that she didn’t have ID in her possession. Just accept it, move on and make sure to bring ID the next time.

    Yes they shouldn’t have treated your friend like that but to be fair, they were just doing their job. You don’t know that the old bouncers weren’t dismissed because they weren’t more stringent in their checking of ID’s. You don’t know that their boss didn’t stress that there was absolutely no scope for using their initiative when it came to the ID policy. You don’t know how many people before you had pushed their patience to breaking point by their inability to accept something the bouncers have no choice in.

  15. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Mike, I can appreciate that they may have had a tough night, and, as I pointed out, the problem wasn’t that they weren’t allowing the girl sans id to enter, the problem was that they were being rude and agressive about it. Like I said, I can completely understand that they might get in trouble not letting people in without id, regardless of their age. Fair enough. But there is no need to make somebody cry, or to swear at them. You wouldn’t get away with it in any other workplace, the Gardaí wouldn’t get away with it, so why bouncers?

  16. I’ve never experienced this myself but so many of my friends have, it’s unbelievable. One friend, who was actually part of the band playing, was told if he went out to get something from his car, he wasn’t going to be allowed back in!!!

  17. Jo said

    I am reliably informed that the bouncers in the Purty Kitchen are the nicest ones my husband’s ever met.

    He’s got a residency there, FRiday nights, the Juice – go along next time you’re abused by mean security elsewhere!

  18. Did you ever hear anything back on this?

  19. bluebirdsaresonatural said

    Dan, of course I didn’t. But writing a letter made me feel a lot better.

  20. tompa said

    shut up ur crying

  21. I admit that their action was wrong but it sometimes becomes hard for them when people try to overrule them and shout on them. There may be possibility that someone tried to push them back on same night and that made them angry.Its human nature. And just after that your friend insisted to get in without ID. This could have burst their patience level and they reacted like this. It sometimes happens as they are also human. So I think you should just move and bring your ID next time. they are not paid to behave improperly with people, but sometimes people’s action force them to do so. May be next time they will treat you nicely.

    So forget about this and move on.

  22. I feel so sad about this, but a role of the security guard’s is to protect the people and he is only guy who has responsibility before an incident/offense has occurred is prevention.

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