And In The End, The Love You Take

December 5, 2008


Are you stuck for somethingverynice to do this evening? Would you like to buy some food that is either vegan, or cake? Would you like to listen to some earmusic? Would you like to donate to the Simon Community?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not asking questions just for the sake of rhetorical effect, I’m building up to something. Our lovely friends from the Joy Gallery at Redspace are hosting a Christmas event. They promise ‘stalls from Cake Cafe, Blazing Salads, art, records, clothes from 4pm until around 7pm/8pm along with some films and music; followed by bands (Cap Pas Cap/ Skinny Wolves), DJ’s, and more films. Bring your own booze! it will run late; and there will be some surprises, secret guests and a raffle with original photography donated by Brian Cross (B+) and CANDY Collective.’

How wonderful, how wonderful.


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