We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

December 29, 2008

It is ratherveryinfactmightily cold these wintery days. And as I sit in work with FM 104 blaring Snow Patrol behind me, there is nothing that I want to do more than be on a sunnysunshinegoodtime island with some quality music and beautiful people. Thank you, then, Bodytonic and Night Flight, for putting Airbound Croatia into my pudgy little fingers.

Night Flight is one of the better regular club nights in Dublin, and when combined with The Lovely Bodytonic Crew, it all promises to be some kind of special. Here’s the pitch:
The Festival itself takes place in the small Croatian coastal resort of Petrcane, with open-air stages on the beach, a nightclub called Barbarellas and pirate ship, The Argonaut.

Musically it will something for everyone, keeping it downtempo by day at the bar with a mix of yacht rock, warped electronica, folk and disco then its to the outside terrace for dubstep, hip hop and live bands, before the club kicks off with late night house and techno.

At the moment, tickets only cost 39e and are available from here.

For more information send an electronic mail to info@bodytonicmusic.com, and if you’d like to pitch an act to play, go here.

I’m proper going. For reals.


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