carnival of the animals

December 30, 2008

Christmas has been very good to me. In fact, I’m beginning to think that Christmas doesn’t have a bad bone in it’s body. Aside from receiving a very deep cut from my new pen knife (I didn’t want it taken away from my irresponsible little hands so soon so I was the bravest I’ve ever been in a situation where blood was pumping out of my thumb) I got through it largely unscathed with many more possessions than I had had previously. Among the presents I received was a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Six Other Stories’. Given my unconditional love for F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s strange that this story took a while for me to get into. Normally his stories leave me pining away for a life in another place and time, one that seems passionate, beautiful, romantic and tragic. What I wouldn’t do to dance like Marjorie, to converse with Daisy, Jordan, Bernice, and the Jelly Bean and fall madly in and out of love with a character like Gatsby. I didn’t have the same feelings at first for poor, strange Benjamin Button, a boy born with a distinctly backwards biological clock. Given the fact that I’ve just revealed a very shallow side of myself, you wont be surprised to learn that I’m almost certain my opinion of Benjamin will change as soon as the forthcoming film comes out in Ireland…because he’s played by Brad Pretty Pitt. Nice. The trailer goes like so….

Anyone know when it’s out here?


3 Responses to “carnival of the animals”

  1. Layla said

    it’s out 6th of february. (thanks imdb!)

  2. Catherine said

    this looks soo good

  3. julie said

    I danced all night in a cow shed then couldn’t sleep because the people in the next tent were playing dance music and the sun was blazing. the temperature hit 35 and the only respite was an air conditioned cinema, where the movie starting was benjamin button. it was the saddest new year’s day I have ever had. cried for the entire 2.5 hrs. it’s been on here in aust for a few weeks, you should not miss it! jx

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